Design your litter prevention project

You can use the EPA’s creative material to bring your litter prevention project to life. These EPA materials, branded with the Hey Tosser! theme, include press advertisements, posters, stickers and digital images.

Creative materials for your litter campaign – Hey Tosser!

The Hey Tosser! creative materials are available for use by the community, councils and other land managers, free of charge.

About the Hey Tosser! materials

Hey Tosser! campaign materials tell litterers they are being watched, and that no one likes what they do. As well as discouraging littering, the materials remind the community that litterers can be reported and fined.

A reference group of local councils helped develop the key messages of the ‘Hey Tosser!’ litter prevention campaign. Based on research into littering behaviour, the campaign was launched by the NSW Government in 2014.

Contents of the kit

You can mix and match the materials from the ‘Hey Tosser! kit to suit your needs. The kit offers a range of creative materials, including:

  • press advertisements
  • posters
  • stickers
  • digital banners and thumbnail images.

Hey Tosser! images

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