UPSS Environment Protection Plan

The Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Regulation requires that Environment Protection Plans (EPPs) contain the procedural documents and records specific to the UPSS. EPPs must be accessible onsite so that practical written procedures are on hand to detect leaks and spills and take appropriate action when they are identified.

As specified in the Regulation (clause 19), an EPP must include

  • specific information about the storage system, including identifying the 'person responsible' for the system
  • a loss monitoring procedure
  • an incident management procedure
  • details about system maintenance
  • the current 'as built' drawings for the system
  • a plan of the storage site.
  • a copy of industry standards that have been followed in constructing and maintaining the UPSS
  • a copy of the specifications of the UPSS

The 2014 revision of the UPSS Regulation allows for EPPs to be held either electronically or in hardcopy form, either as a dedicated document or as part of other site management procedures. As per the 2014 revision, the plan of the storage site must also include information on site drainage and services.

Use of oil water separators on service station sites

The EPA supports and encourages the use of technology that reduces the impact of activities on the environment, however, unless a facility is licenced to discharge pollutants to water it is still required to comply with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act) especially section 120 'prohibition of pollution of waters'.

A properly installed and maintained oil water separator can reduce and/or eliminate the level of hydrocarbons to a level that is unlikely to result in deleterious environmental impacts - it would be up to the operator of the pollution control device (the oil water separator) to demonstrate that any discharge is acceptable and that the facility complies with section 120 of the POEO Act. For further information refer to Stormwater publications.


For more information on EPPs, see the Guidelines for implementing the UPSS Regulation or contact a member of the UPSS Team by calling 131 555 or (02) 9995 5555 or via

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