Former uranium processing site at Hunters Hill

In 2008, a Parliamentary Inquiry was held into the former uranium processing site at Hunters Hill, Sydney.

The Inquiry made 12 recommendations to the NSW Government in its report of September 2008. The Government responded to the Inquiry in March 2009, largely supporting the recommendations.

Recommendation 3 was that a gamma radiation survey be carried out of all properties in Nelson Parade and properties on other nearby streets.

Recommendation 6 was that the results of the survey be made available to the community.

During the investigation it became evident that there were two separate causes of radiation in the vicinity of Nelson Parade. These two causes were dealt with in separate reports. The survey reports were completed in June 2009 and were released publicly following consultation with residents and Hunters Hill Council.

The report into 7 to 9 Nelson Parade investigated radiological contamination from the former uranium processing plant, which was the subject of the Parliamentary Inquiry.

The report into Kelly's Bush investigated radiological contamination from the former tin smelter. It found that tin slag contained trace levels of thorium radioactive material. Tin slag has been used as fill in parts of Kelly's Bush and as road-base beneath some roads in Hunters Hill.

For most of the sites surveyed, radiation levels were found to be consistent with natural background levels of radiation, while 7 to 11 Nelson Parade was reported to be above background levels.

The foreshore of 7 to 11 Nelson Parade, Hunters Hill, is declared as significantly contaminated land in relation to chemical contamination and is required to be remediated in accordance with the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997

While the radiological impacts to soil at 7 to 11 Nelson Parade is not considered to be significant enough to warrant regulation, the landowner, Property NSW will undertake remediation of 7 to 11 concurrently with the remediation of the foreshore land.

Further information on the nature and scope of remediation can be obtained from Property NSW.

Further information on radiation can be obtained from the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).




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