Remanufacture NSW Round 2: application advisory service

Applicants who are applying for funding under the Remanufacture NSW Grants Program can apply to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for assistance in preparing their grant application.

Successful applicants will be provided with access to an independent application advisor to help them prepare their grant application. The advisor will advise on appropriate analysis, content and presentation of information. They may also provide comment and critical feedback on the quality of the application documents.

The advisor helps applicants ensure their applications clearly show their project meets the aims, objectives and funding conditions of Remanufacture NSW. They may also help you determine whether your investment can be justified.

For details of the grant application process, please refer to the Guidelines for Applicants.

If assistance is approved, a maximum of 8 hours advice will be provided at no cost to the applicant.

The support provided may include:

  • cost benefit and financial analysis support: A cost benefit (economic) analysis ensures that approved projects will provide value for money, deliver a net public benefit and help develop the domestic recycling industry. A financial analysis shows the project is financially viable.
  • market analysis; including supply and demand for product. Market availability and maturity are key to sustainable business models
  • high level technical advice: technical support including high level validation of technology suitability and advice on the preferred way to address technical issues in the application process
  • planning consent and Environment Protection Licence requirements: advice on whether your project requires development approval and an environment protection licence, and whether it is likely to meet the conditions and be approved within the program timelines
  • project planning: good project planning ensures the project will be delivered on time and within budget
  • application document preparation support: general support for application document preparation to ensure all requirements in the application forms are met and to standard.
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