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Category:  Business Recycling Program

Amounts: Total of $2.95 million to 2014-15 with co-funding from the Australian Packaging Covenant.

Eligible bodies: Industry, business and councils

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Status: Funding closed in June 2016.

Managed by: Australian Packaging Covenant


The Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) brings government, industry and community groups together to fund projects that address packaging sustainability issues. The APC and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) jointly co-fund NSW projects.

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Past recipients of APC funding




Project summary


Lismore City Council


This project will implement new waste and recycling bins across several parks and sporting facilities in Lismore. In addition to constructing and installing new bins, Lismore City Council will undertake a litter check and community education strategy to maximise the benefits of recycling bin infrastructure. This project will be undertaken over the 2104–15 financial year, and is estimated to recover over 11 tonnes of recyclables per year once concluded.


Kurrajong Waratah


This project will double the capacity of Kurrajong Recycler’s Wagga Wagga Material Recovery Facility through a major redesign and upgrade. This increased recycling capacity will provide additional recycling opportunities for surrounding councils and businesses. Kurrajong Waratah is a provider of services to people with disabilities and this project will also provide additional employment opportunities in the region. This project will be undertaken over the 2014–15 financial year, and is estimated to recover over 2500 tonnes of recyclables per year once concluded.


Transpacific Cleanaway Pty Ltd


This project will increase the capacity of Transpacific Cleanaway’s Moorebank Material Recovery Facility for recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic film and expanded polystyrene. This facility Is designed to accept, sort and recycle business packaging, and this project will provide additional recycling opportunities for Sydney businesses. This project will be undertaken over the 2104–15 financial year, and is estimated to recover over 2200 tonnes of recyclables per year once concluded.


Glass Recovery Services Pty Ltd (GRS)


In conjunction with the development of a state-of-the-art glass processing facility in Penrith NSW, GRS will develop a fines processing facility that will process glass to 5–10 mm in size that will be ceramic free and suitable for glass manufacturing. The facility will recover up to an additional 35,000 tonnes of glass per year.


GreenMoney Pty Ltd


The City of Randwick has been running an innovative kerbside recycling rewards and education program with its residents, and this grant will fund GreenMoney to provide an independent evaluation of the program. The evaluation is to measure the effectiveness of the program and identify and report recommendations to help extend the program.


Quality Logistic Services (QLS)


QLS aims to collect and recycle packaging from electrical retail outlets across NSW. The project will include two stores being provided with equipment to collect cardboard, plastic wrap and polystyrene for recycling, and over 200 electrical retail stores across NSW will be provided with a polystyrene recycling service. This project is expected to divert over 517 tonnes of packaging material from landfill per year.


AMP Capital Shopping Centres


This Public Place Recycling program implemented front- and back- of- house recycling infrastructure including bins and signage at Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre in Sydney’s inner-west. This initiative has seen on average 660 kg/month recovered in the comingled recycling steam or 7.69 tonnes per annum. Soft plastics and organic food waste recycling will be implemented, while reinforcing the existing cardboard recycling, which resulted in an improvement in recycling by 30% from 2012 to 2013.


RG Programs and Services Pty Ltd (Red Group)



This project involves expansion of Red Group’s REDcycle Program to a national level with a minimum of 700 drop- off points for Australian consumers to recycle their soft plastic bags and packaging. This project, in partnership with brand owners, supermarkets and other retail organisations, will involve installation of critical infrastructure to process additional material collected through the program, as well as the collection systems for retailers such as bins, signage and education materials.


Lismore City Council


This project developed a regional glass processing facility in Lismore to recover glass from comingled recycling, of which the majority was previously ending up in landfill. Thirteen new staff from the region have been employed (including nine staff with a disability) to work at the facility, which will crush the glass to create around 4,000 tonnes of glass sand per year for use by Lismore City Council in road construction and for water and sewerage pipe bedding.  This project is now complete.


Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum


This project has included the installation and upgrade of Colonial First State Retail Property Trust Group’s recycling system in 30 of their shopping centres across Australia, including five in NSW. This included installing front-of-house recycling systems and back-of-house upgrades to maximise recycling diversion for a range of additional recyclables including cardboard, soft plastics, organics, milk crates and coat hangers. These front-of-house bins have diverted 370 tonnes of waste from landfill from April 2013 to March 2014. This project is now complete.


Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum


This project involved the purchase of a mobile glass crusher as a shared resource for reprocessing glass into a viable product for use in civil construction activities by five councils – Cabonne Shire, Cowra, Mid-Western Region, Oberon and Wellington councils. This crusher is now providing a mobile solution for recycling crushed glass in regional NSW.




In September 2011 the EPA secured $1,045,000 in funding from the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) to undertake two projects aimed at increasing the recovery of glass fines and expanded polystyrene (EPS) from the waste stream. Funding was matched by the EPA, which took total funding available for the delivery of the two projects to $2,144,000.


Both projects were delivered in two stages, which included a business plan and economic analysis and then the delivery of a competitive grants program. In 2012–13, four glass crushing facilities were installed in regional NSW and 16 EPS recycling units were installed in Sydney and regional NSW.  These projects aim to increase and sustain EPS recycling by at least 600 tonnes per annum and glass recycling by at least 9000 tonnes per annum.

EPS recycling projects

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is one of NSW most poorly recycled plastics with less than 10 per cent being recycled in 2011. 

To increase EPS recycling, the EPA and APC provided $933,000 in joint support for new EPS recycling infrastructure to19 organisations across NSW. The grant program ran during 2012-13 and is now complete. Grant recipients are listed below.

Past recipients of EPS recycling project funding



Project summary 

Mai-Wel Limited


Mai-Wel is an Australian Disability Enterprise and an existing recycler of paper, e-waste and hard plastics. It will work with local government and businesses in the Hunter area to add to the existing quantities of EPS received with e-waste.

Fuji-Xerox Australia


Fuji Xerox has been recycling toner cartridges and other machine parts for 12 years. It takes back cardboard and plastic packaging when delivering machines and recycles it. This equipment will improve EPS recycling rates at its warehouse.

Handybin Waste Services


Handybin Waste Services, a local waste and recycling contractor, has helped Coffs Harbour and surrounding councils achieve the highest rates of recycling in NSW. It will provide free drop-off services at established recycling depots and collection services for large generators.

Albury City Council


Albury is a large regional council which has been working hard to reduce waste sent to its large regional landfill via its Halve Waste Program. It will work with a regional network of councils to introduce EPS drop-off points and harvest EPS from the commercial waste.


Pty Ltd


Recycorp is a small business that has been recycling plastics for three years. It will use this grant to value-add loose and compacted material by pelletising it in NSW and selling it to local manufacturers of polystyrene products.

Sydney Fish Markets Pty Ltd


Sydney Fish Markets is the largest working fish market in the southern hemisphere. It uses EPS boxes extensively for handling fresh fish. Air and road freight companies prefer to use EPS boxes because they are light and insulating. The Fish Markets will use the grant to recycle EPS that is currently going to landfill.

JR Richards

& Sons


JR Richards & Sons has owned and operated materials recovery facilities throughout NSW since kerbside recycling started in the 1990s. It will use the grant to provide EPS recycling services to Orange and the surrounding region, complementing its work under the Orange Waste Project. Orange is a growing regional centre with several large generators of EPS including Styrotec, a local EPS manufacturer.

Challenge Disability Services


Challenge Disability Services is a social enterprise that has been operating materials recovery facilities in the Tamworth region for 15 years. It will work closely with Tamworth Regional Council to provide EPS recycling services at existing recycling drop-off points and at the entrance to the regional landfill. It also plans to offer a free collection service to existing commercial customers.

Mission Australia


Mission Australia is a social enterprise operating a Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) on behalf of Shellharbour City Council. It will provide a free drop-off service at the RRC and collection services for large generators. The compactor will allow Mission Australia to expand its recent trials of EPS recycling.

Australian Foundation for Disability


AFFORD is an Australian Disability Enterprise and an existing recycler of paper and e-waste. It intends to service the EPS recycling needs of the large distributors of electronics (including computers) in the Macquarie Park/North Ryde area.

Tox Free Solutions Ltd


Tox Free has delivered household, commercial and hazardous waste management services for 12 years. It will collect and compact EPS at its existing St Mary's facility with a focus on linking with recycling contractors and significant local generators of EPS.

Edco Contracting Pty Ltd t/a Watts Waste


Watts Waste is a family-owned Australian company which has been providing waste and recycling services for more than 40 years. It aims to incorporate EPS recycling into its broader recycling services. Watts Waste will provide drop-off EPS recycling services at Smithfield and Oxford Falls. It will also provide commercial EPS collection services in the Sydney area.

Kempsey Shire Council


Kempsey Shire Council operates its own waste management centre and has developed recycling services for a large range of materials. It also operates three transfer stations where recyclables can be dropped off. It will provide free drop-off services at established recycling depots and collection services for large generators.

Dial-A-Dump Industries Pty Ltd


Dial-A-Dump is one of NSW's largest recyclers of construction and demolition wastes. It will locate its compactor at its 'Genesis' mixed waste treatment facility in Western Sydney so it can add EPS to the many materials it already sorts and recycles. EPS will also be sourced from the many large logistics businesses in the area.

Randwick City Council


Randwick City Council has been operating Recycling Centres for over 35 years. It will promote EPS recycling to its residents and major local institutions like The Prince of Wales Hospital and the University of NSW.

Shoalhaven City Council


Shoalhaven City Council contracts Subloos to operate 10 recycling depots throughout the Shoalhaven area. It will allow EPS to be dropped off at each of these facilities and use existing truck runs to bring the material to its new West Nowra Recycling Materials Storage Shed for compaction prior to sale.

Eurobodalla Shire Council


Eurobodalla Shire Council owns and operates three waste management facilities on the south coast. It will use the grant to locate a compactor at its Surf Beach facility and place cages and bags at existing recycling drop-off points around the shire. This will add to existing resource recovery services on site, including a tip shop, tyre and white goods recycling.

Wingecarribee Shire Council


Wingecarribee Shire Council owns and operates an award-winning resource recovery centre near Moss Vale in the southern highlands. It will work with neighbouring Wollondilly Shire Council to add EPS recycling to existing drop-off centres around the shires.

Great Lakes Shire Council


Great Lakes Shire Council will work with Great Lakes Community Resources, which employs the disadvantaged within the community, to operate an EPS compactor next to its existing tip shop. It will offer a free drop-off EPS recycling service to residents and will offer a collection service (for a fee) to local businesses that generate larger quantities of EPS.

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