Remediated land monitoring at Rhodes Peninsula

The EPA is working with the City of Canada Bay Council and property owners to oversee ongoing management of the former Union Carbide and Lednez (UCAL) site on the Rhodes Peninsula.

Following contamination from historical chemical industrial activities at Rhodes, remediation to a suitable standard for redevelopment was completed in 2011.

There is currently no evidence that the contamination is a risk to residents or the community.

Environmental Management Plans are in place for properties across the former UCAL site, providing  for the ongoing safe use of the land by ensuring that the community does not come into contact with the buried contaminated soil.

The EPA is checking that these Environmental Management Plans are being implemented effectively.

Location of the former UCAL site

The  former UCAL site is generally bound by Darling Avenue in the north; Shoreline Drive (between Darling Avenue and Nina Gray Avenue), Nina Gray Avenue (between Shoreline Drive and Walker Street) and Walker Street (between Nina Gray Avenue and Gauthorpe Street) in the east; Gauthorpe Street (between Walker Street and Shoreline Drive) and part of Shoreline Drive) in the south; and  the Homebush Bay shoreline to Darling Avenue in the west.

More information

See the fact sheet on remediated land monitoring at Rhodes Peninsula, which is available in English and community languages

Contact the EPA’s Environment Line on 131 555 or

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