Mangrove Mountain Landfill - proposed extension

Submissions invited

Verde Terra Pty Ltd (the Company) made an application (the Application) to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to vary the Company’s Environment Protection Licence for the Company's landfill/waste disposal facility at Wiseman's Ferry Road, Mangrove Mountain (Site). 

The grant of the Application would regulate the operation of the facility for a 10-year period and the operation of the facility would involve bringing to the Site and disposal of waste on the Site, the volume of which would not exceed the volume required to fill approximately 1.318 million m³ of space. The Application also involves substantial additional earthworks dealing with materials already on the Site. The proposed ultimate land use of the Site is as an 18 hole golf course. A complete description of the proposed variation to the licence is contained in the application documents.

The EPA has refused the Company's Application.  The Company has appealed to the Land and Environment Court against that refusal.  The Company has not made a separate application to Central Coast Council for development consent for these activities and seeks to rely on, amongst other things, an existing development consent DA23042/1998 (as varied).

The Land and Environment Court has directed that the EPA invite public submissions about the Application.  All submissions provided to the EPA will be provided to the Court and the Company. 

The Application that is now before the Court, and related documents, are available below.

The Application and related documents are also available for inspection at each of the following locations, during opening hours:

  • the head office of the EPA at Level 14, 59-61 Goulburn Street, Sydney;
  • the chambers of Central Coast Council at 49 Mann Street, Gosford; and
  • the chambers of Central Coast Council at 2 Hely Street, Wyong.

Submissions on the Application may be made to or to MML Submissions – Waste Branch, Environment Protection Authority, PO Box A290, Sydney South NSW 1232.  The closing date for submissions is 20 December 2018.

The Court has also directed the Company to pay for the costs of the EPA of conducting this public submission process.

When lodging a submission, if you request that your contact details be kept confidential to the EPA, the EPA will remove your contact details before providing your submission to Verde Terra Pty Ltd and Central Coast Council.

Application and related documents

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