NSW State of the Environment 2012

List of maps

People and the Environment

Map 1.1 Regional variations in population change in NSW, 2010–11

Map 1.2 Sydney freight growth, heavy commercial vehicle trips, average weekday, 2010–11 to 2020–21




Map 3.1 Dominant soil health issues within soil monitoring units in NSW

Map 3.2 Land and soil capability in NSW

Map 3.4 Land use within capability in NSW

Map 3.5 Dominant land management issues within NSW soil monitoring units

Map 3.6 Contaminated sites regulated and reported under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 in NSW


Map 4.1 Statewide geomorphic condition based on Riverstyles®

Map 4.2 SRA assessment of ecosystem health in the Murray–Darling Basin, 2010

Map 4.3 Exceedences of ecological trigger levels for total nitrogen and total phosphorus, 2009–11

Map 4.4 Extraction from NSW groundwater aquifers as a percentage of the long-term average annual extraction limit, 2010–11

Map 4.5 Mapped NSW groundwater-dependent ecosystems at December 2011

Map 4.6 Risk posed to groundwater due to groundwater demand

Map 4.7 Beach suitability grades at swimming sites in NSW, 2010–11

Map 4.8 Beach suitability grades at estuary swimming sites in the Sydney area, 2010–11

Map 4.9 Sea level rise between 1993 and 2011 at Port Kembla, NSW


Map 5.1 Extent of woody and non-woody native vegetation in NSW in various states of modification

Map 5.2 Land-use pressure on the extent and condition of NSW native vegetation

Map 5.3 National parks and forest reserves, marine parks and aquatic reserves in NSW

Map 5.4 Reservation of bioregions in NSW

Map 5.5 Occurrence of foxes and feral cats in NSW in 2009 as reported in surveys of land managers

Map 5.6 Change in reported distribution of deer in NSW from 2004–05 to 2009