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Toward Environmental Sustainability


Human Settlement





Map 4.1 Intensity of summer cropping in the NSW Northern Tableland catchments, 1998–2003

Map 4.2 Estimated mean annual sheet and rill erosion rates

Map 4.3 Wind erodibility of soils

Map 4.4 Known and predicted extent of dryland salinity and shallow watertables

Map 4.5 Surface soil pH and acidification hazard for agricultural land in NSW

Map 4.6 Acid sulfate soil priority management areas and areas at risk


Map 5.1 Regulated and unregulated sections of NSW rivers

Map 5.2 Exceedence assessment of median total phosphorus at selected NSW sites, 1995–2001

Map 5.3 Groundwater use compared with sustainable yield for NSW Groundwater Management Areas

Map 5.4 Lead in coastal waterways in the Sydney–Newcastle–Wollongong area


Map 6.1 Existing native vegetation, 2002

Map 6.2 Reservation status of NSW native vegetation

Map 6.3 Wetlands of NSW