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NSW State of the Environment 2003 is the fifth of these reports prepared by the Environment Protection Authority under the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991. The report provides a valuable opportunity to paint an overall picture of what is happening in the NSW environment in a way that is accessible to the wider community.

The EPA has drawn on the considerable information and expertise held by other government agencies in preparing the report, and I would like to thank them for their substantial contribution. I would also like to thank the members of the State of the Environment Advisory Council and its Chair, Tony Wright, who have all given of their time most generously.

In this report, we have sought to sharpen the messages so that readers can quickly gain an insight into the conditions, pressures and responses for each environmental issue. The report also takes a new approach to assessing the effectiveness of the responses and highlighting the emerging future directions.

NSW State of the Environment 2003 continues our commitment to the use of a key set of environmental indicators, consistent with those developed nationally, to support analysis of trends. Green, yellow or red indicators have been added to highlight in a simple way what each indicator is telling us.

We are continuing to work to make NSW State of the Environment an invaluable tool in the ongoing management of the environment of this State. As always, your feedback on the report is welcome to help us continue to meet your environmental information needs into the future.

Lisa Corbyn

Director General
Department of Environment and Conservation

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