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Toward Environmental Sustainability

Figure 1.1 Comparison between the Australian GDP and GPI, 1950–2000

Human Settlement

Figure 2.1 Regional proportions of net increases in dwellings, Sydney, 1993–2001

Figure 2.2 Sydney water consumption versus yield

Figure 2.3 Per capita water consumption, Sydney Water

Figure 2.4 Sydney Water customer groups water use, 2001–02

Figure 2.5 Typical domestic water use in Sydney

Figure 2.6 Indicative emissions of new coal-fired and combined cycle gas turbine power generation

Figure 2.7 Final energy use by source and sector, 1999–2000

Figure 2.8 Energy consumption relative to gross state product

Figure 2.9 Growth in population, number of trips and VKT in Sydney, 1991–2000

Figure 2.10 Share of trips and VKT by purpose for average Sydney weekday, 2000

Figure 2.11 Mode shares for Sydney weekday and weekend travel, 1991 and 2000

Figure 2.12 Patronage of Sydney Buses and CityRail, 1980–81 to 2000–01

Figure 2.13 Waste disposal rates for all sectors and waste disposed of per capita, SMA, 1990–2001

Figure 2.14 Domestic kerbside recycling, SMA, 1991–2001

Figure 2.15 EPA Pollution Line incident calls, 2002–03


Figure 3.1 October ozone levels over Antarctica since the late 1950s

Figure 3.2 Recovery of ozone-depleting refrigerants

Figure 3.3 Figure 3.3 Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, Cape Grim Tasmania

Figure 3.4 Exceedences of the 1-hour and 4-hour standards for ozone, GMR

Figure 3.5 Annual maximum and 95th percentile values for concentrations of ozone, GMR

Figure 3.6 Exceedences of the 24-hour standard for particles (PM10), GMR

Figure 3.7 Annual maximum and 95th percentile values for particles, GMR

Figure 3.8 Annual average benzene and 1,3-butadiene concentrations, Sydney Region




Figure 5.1 Status of AusRivAS sites in specified land-use categories

Figure 5.2 Estimated annual sources of total phosphorus for selected catchments

Figure 5.3 Effect of cold water releases from Blowering Dam on the Tumut River


Figure 6.1 Clearing rates of native woody vegetation in NSW

Figure 6.2 Native vegetation cleared and retained in NSW bioregions

Figure 6.3 Total applications for clearing, 1998–2002

Figure 6.4 Wetland areas reserved in NSW

Figure 6.5 Commercial marine fisheries catch

Figure 6.6 Commercial inland fisheries catch

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