Seventeen sustainability partners announced to help reduce NSW reliance on single use plastics

Adjusting to any major change, like the plastics ban in NSW, is a challenge but we’ve enlisted the help of organisations passionate about sustainability to join with us to help drive this necessary change

To mark the start of Plastic Free July, seventeen diverse organisations have been announced as NSW EPA sustainability partners including Meals on Wheels NSW, Girl Guides, and Surfing NSW.

Each partner will lead a project aimed at educating and changing behaviours in their community. Almost $900,000 will be invested to support these varied activities

Partners, OzGreen and Green Music Australia, will work alongside music festivals and food vendors to come up with more sustainable ways of doing business.

At the same time, a waste audit will be carried out at Wollongong University to provide insights into student behaviours to help inform effective solutions to change their habits.

As NSW pivots away from single-use plastics and packaging items, we’re building partnerships with organisations with strong local networks to influence positive environmental behaviour change in their community.

These partnerships build on the extensive campaign by the NSW Government to ensure small businesses are ready for the changes. The National Retail Association (NRA) is also delivering a comprehensive retailer education campaign.

The NSW Government passed the Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy Act 2021 in November, and introduced the Plastics Action Plan last year.

The ban will prevent almost 2.7 billion items of plastic litter from entering the environment in NSW over the next 20 years

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