Reporting odours to the EPA

Community reports can play an important role in the EPA’s investigation of odours.

While odours can be very unpleasant for residents they can also be notoriously difficult to identify and locate because of their transient nature, individual sensitivities and contributing factors such as weather. Cooler temperatures such as autumn months and wet weather for example create conditions that exacerbate their impacts.

The EPA takes all reports seriously so to help us investigate odours and locate potential sources, it’s useful to include as much detail as possible when making a report to the Environment Line. This includes the time of the odour, its location and duration, the weather conditions and wind direction, the strength of the odour, and a description of what it smells like.

To help record that information see the fact sheet and odour log sheet (PDF 160KB).

When recording information, it is important to remember that odours can be unpleasant so you should always put your personal safety first and never deliberately inhale any odour.

Odour incidents can be reported to the EPA Environment Line on 131 555 or at