Return and Earn hits 4.5 billion containers!

In a fitting tribute to National Recycling Week Return and Earn has hit the 4.5 billion drink container collection milestone in less than three years.

NSW recyclers have embraced the state’s container deposit scheme with 75 per cent of residents having participated and more than 40 million bottles and cans returned through more than 620 return points every week.

In the first six months of this year, three out of every four eligible bottles and cans supplied into the state were returned through the scheme for recycling.

The success of Return and Earn has contributed to an average 40 per cent yearly reduction in drink container litter in New South Wales and more than 420,000 tonnes of materials recycled since it launched in December 2017.

In addition, millions of dollars have been returned to community groups and charities via donations and fees from hosting return points since commencement, and opportunities have been generated for local businesses and local job creation through the return point network.

To find out more about how to participate in Return and Earn, including return point locations and reverse vending machine availability status, visit