What to do with your old mattress

If you’re purchasing a new bed, moving a child out of a cot or moving house, chances are you have an old mattress to get rid of.

Illegally dumped mattress and couch in front of graffiti covered wallIf you’ve decided that your mattress is no longer needed, it needs to be disposed of in a certain way. It is illegal to leave any items – including mattresses – on the kerbside, unless it is there ready for a council collection. This is illegal dumping and can result in heavy fines. Mattresses are also dangerous items to leave in the elements because they can attract rodents and pose a safety threat if they fall over.

Soft Landing is a national social enterprise that operates across NSW, ACT, VIC and WA. It specialises in recycling old and used mattresses. Soft Landing facilities extract the re-usable materials to use for something new.

The steel springs can be melted down and re-used, the foam can be recycled into carpet underlay, and the fabric can even be used as acoustic panelling. All these re-use opportunities mean more waste is diverted from landfill.

Soft Landing runs several mattress drop-off and collection services. A number of private businesses also run mattress recycling services.

Here are some simple steps to make sure you are disposing of your mattress appropriately:

  • Check with your council. Some councils offer free mattress collection and recycling or may collect your mattress as part of a booked or scheduled bulky items waste service.
  • Look up recyclingnearyou.com.au for other mattress disposal and recycling options near you.