Dangerous Goods Tanker Vehicle Inspection Manual

A new inspection manual for dangerous goods tanker vehicles will help transporters ensure their vehicle meets the required standards, helping to protect the safety of drivers, other road users and the community.

EPA Manager of Hazardous Materials Erwin Benker said anyone involved in dangerous goods transport tasks has a duty of care to ensure the goods are transported in a safe manner, and don’t pose a risk to people, property and the environment due to their chemical or physical characteristics.

“That’s why the EPA, in conjunction with industry, has developed a new inspection manual to assist operators, repairers and regulators ensure that tank vehicles meet safety and legislative requirements,” Mr Benker said.

Dangerous goods tank vehicles must be maintained so they are safe and comply with requirements under the Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods and Australian Standard 2809.

The manual outlines the requirements that must be met, ways to meet the requirements, and the reasons a vehicle is deemed not to have met the requirements. It also includes a helpful checklist.

The EPA regulates the transport of dangerous goods in NSW.