Apply to become a NSW Site Auditor

The EPA is calling for applications from appropriately qualified and experienced people to become accredited site auditors.

Applications for site auditors under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 are open from Monday 26 November 2018 to Monday 28 January 2019.

The NSW government introduced the Site Auditor Scheme 20 years ago to improve access to technical advice and increase certainty in the assessment and remediation of contaminated land.

Under the scheme, the management of contaminated land involves both contaminated land consultants and accredited site auditors.

Contaminated land consultants, typically engaged by the site owner or developer, conduct site assessments, undertake any necessary remediation and validate the work. An accredited site auditor independently reviews the consultant activities to ensure the work complies with current regulations and guidelines and meets the standard appropriate for the proposed land use.

The assessment and remediation of contaminated land is complex. Site auditors can be engaged to review investigation, remediation and validation work.

This improves community access to technical advice on the investigation and remediation of contaminated land and provides increased certainty in the ‘sign-off’ of contaminated land assessments and remediation.

It ensures the protection of the environment and community through proper management of contaminated land, particularly during changes in land use.