Cleanaway issued clean-up notice for Flat Rock fish kill

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has issued a Clean-Up Notice to Cleanaway Pty Ltd to monitor the environmental impacts of a water pollution incident that occurred at Flat Rock Creek on 5 December 2022.

The notice requires Cleanaway to undertake weekly water sampling in Flat Rock Creek and Long Bay to inform the company’s efforts to manage environmental impacts and risks to aquatic life.

Initial results from water quality sampling by the EPA and Department of Planning and Environment scientists indicate the creek is returning to normal levels of oxygen in some parts, however residents are advised to take care around the affected water as a precaution until EPA investigations are finalised.   

NSW EPA Executive Director of Regulatory Operations Metro Steve Beaman said the clean-up notice follows a number of actions taken in the days following the incident to remove foam and dead aquatic animals from the site.  

“EPA officers have been on the ground since day one of this pollution incident and continue to visit sites along Flat Rock Creek to take samples and assess water quality,” Mr Beaman said.

“We are starting to see some better oxygen levels in parts of the creek but we’re still awaiting further results to give us a full picture of the health of the creek. 

“Our advice to residents is to be mindful around affected waterways and keep pets out of the creek water until we can finish our investigation and provide more advice.

“We know the creek is a much-loved area for the community so I want to thank them for their patience as we work to understand the full impact.”

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