Clean-up and monitoring underway following fire at Wickham

Air monitors have been deployed in the vicinity of Wickham following the fire at the Wool Store to help ease community concerns about asbestos air pollution.  

Our Environment Protection Authority (EPA) officers have been working with the NSW Police and Fire and Rescue NSW today on the response to the Wickham fire.

We understand resident’s concerns about the smoke and asbestos particles from the fire. We were able to come onsite early this morning after the area was made safe and have been talking to community members throughout the day.
We have arranged specialist air monitoring equipment to monitor air particles, and we have been working closely all day with an asbestos specialist, and a licensed asbestos assessor, to start mapping and triage asbestos contamination. The rain is helping act as a control mechanism to stop asbestos fibres coming loose, by keeping it damp.
We are still asking all residents to be cautious – keep windows and doors closed, remain indoors where possible, and stay away from any suspected asbestos material.
If you do spot material that you suspect is asbestos or any other form of pollution, please contact our Environment Line to report the material. Phone 131 555 or email us at
You will see our EPA officers and specialist asbestos assessors working in the area in the next few days. We will keep you informed of the progress of the clean-up of your area, so that you can feel safe in your community once again.