EPA asks the community to use pesticides correctly when baiting mice

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) understands the emotional and environmental impact increased mouse numbers toll are having in parts of regional NSW. The need to control these mice to protect homes, families, pets, properties and wildlife is paramount.

To keep the families, community, wildlife and the environment safe, registered pesticides should only be used according to directions on the label.

“The EPA understands regional communities are facing a difficult situation and that everyone needs to keep their families, community and the environment safe,” EPA Executive Director Regulatory Operations Carmen Dwyer said.

“The safe baiting of mice is an important step in reducing mice numbers and pesticide users must make sure they handle baits safely and are careful to always follow the directions on the label to protect their family, neighbours, domestic animals, wildlife and the environment from harm.

Mixing and blending pesticides can seriously impact your health, family and pets. Please only use pesticides as directed on the label.”

The safe handling advice follows an EPA investigation into bird deaths in NSW, including around Forbes, Parkes, Dubbo, Narromine, Condobolin and the Riverina.

Toxicology results have confirmed some of the bird deaths were caused by baits.

“Grain eating birds can be impacted after eating the pesticide coated grain” Ms Dwyer said.

“Our advice is to think carefully about where the bait is being placed, only use the recommended amount of bait".

The community should not touch sick or dead wildlife. If there are more than five dead animals of the same species, please make a report to the EPA’s 24-hour Environment Line.

If you suspect a family member has been affected by a pesticide product, call the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

Anyone with a concern, knowledge of an incident involving pesticide misuse or seeking further information can contact the EPA’s Environment Line on 131 555.

The EPA has three fact sheets to assist that can be found at the below links.

Guidance on the handling and disposal of dead mice

Guidance on handling native wildlife in areas where zinc phosphide has been deployed

General warning about native wildlife in areas where zinc phosphide baits are used for mouse control