Waste levy waived for bushfire affected areas

The NSW Government has waived the waste levy fee for residents disposing of bushfire generated waste in areas across NSW that have been declared bushfire Natural Disaster Areas.

Environment Minister Matt Kean said thousands of people across NSW are reeling from the effects of the November bushfires that are still burning.

“Where the emergency has passed in some areas, residents will face a hard and painful clean-up process,” Mr Kean said.

“To help these communities dispose of their bushfire damaged goods quickly and safely we have waived the NSW Government waste levy in levy-affected areas.

“Building materials, furniture and any other bushfire generated waste is included.

“We know that the effects of these bushfires will be felt for months and even years to come, and we hope that this streamlined waste process can provide a little relief for those coping with the effects of these horrible bushfires.”

The exemption applies until 29 February 2020 on debris and waste created by these bushfires.

The levy will be waived at waste facilities nominated by the councils listed below and local waste facility gate fees may still apply. 

Residents should check with their local council for the name and opening status of the nominated facilities, as well as for any specific requirements to dispose bushfire damaged waste, noting that bushfire affected conditions can change rapidly.

Waste facilities will need to ensure the waste is bushfire generated before they can waive the Government’s waste levy. 

“We hope this eases some of the pressure people are feeling after these devastating bushfires,” Mr Kean said.

For a full list of all Councils where waste levy exemptions apply click here.