EPA inspects Riverina red gum forests

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is this week inspecting forestry operations in red gum forests around Deniliquin in southern New South Wales.

EPA inspections will cover several forestry sites on selected public and private land in the region to ensure that operations comply with forestry rules and are being conducted in a sustainable manner.

EPA Acting Director Forestry Jackie Miles said compliance inspections were important for the EPA to ensure forestry contactors and businesses understood their obligations in protecting the environment and maintaining the sustainability of red gum forests.

“We will be inspecting harvest plans to check that adequate planning has occurred, and controls have been put in place,” Ms Miles said.

“Modified harvest zones, drainage lines, habitat trees and exclusion zones will be inspected to ensure they meet the required environmental standards.

“These inspections are important to ensure forestry operations provide ongoing protection of threatened plants, animals and habitat, as well as soils and waterways.

“The community can be confident that any non-compliances will be dealt with by the EPA in the appropriate manner, and that forestry operations are being regulated to ensure the appropriate balance between environment and community needs, is being achieved.”