Asbestos dumping fraud jail term

NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton has welcomed an 18-month jail sentence handed down to Paul Mouawad at the Downing Centre Local Court today, in relation to a fraud charge brought by NSW Police with the assistance of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

“This sentence demonstrates illegal behaviour in relation to the disposal of waste is being taken seriously in NSW, and tough penalties apply,” Ms Upton said.

“This is the second offender to be jailed for waste related offences this year. Earlier this year Dib Hanna was sentenced to three years’ jail for the illegal transport and dumping of waste.”

The court found that Mr Mouawad defrauded a construction company to the value of about $225,000 by providing false invoices regarding the disposal of the waste.

In handing down her sentence, the Local Court Magistrate said that others in the industry need to know that fraudulent activities will have consequences.

A related EPA prosecution is continuing against Mr Mouawad and Aussie Earthmovers Pty Ltd for allegedly supplying false information about the transport and disposal of waste, including waste contaminated with asbestos, from a building site in Darlington in Central Sydney.

Mr Mouawad has pled guilty to the charges brought against him by the EPA.

The EPA alleges that in June and July 2016, Mr Mouawad and Aussie Earthmovers Pty Ltd arranged for the removal of about 1,400 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated soil and supplied false information about where the soil was disposed.

Minister Upton said this prosecution is one part of the EPA’s ongoing compliance and investigative work related to the incident and is an example of the inroads being made to tackle organised illegal dumping in NSW.

“The EPA’s Waste Crime Taskforce is targeting the most serious and complex waste-related crimes and organised criminal behaviour.”

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