Be careful who you hire to get rid of creepy crawlies this summer

The EPA is reminding householders to only hire licensed pesticide technicians when tackling creepy crawlies around the house this summer.

EPA Director Karen Marler, said landholders should check pest contractors and technician’s qualifications prior to hiring them.

“A licensed technician as they will know how to properly use the pesticide so there is no risk to the environment, property or pets, so there is no excuse for misuse or environmental damage.

“Rogue operators could be using water which won’t get rid of creepy crawlies or they could be using a nasty chemical cocktail, that could kill your household pets. That’s why you should always check that a technician has a valid EPA license and ask to see the information/data sheet on the chemical they are using," Ms Marler said.

“The campaign seeks to encourage households to check the technician is licensed before they hire, ask for the full product name of the pesticides they intend to use and have a readily available safety data sheet for the pesticide to be used to ensure precautions are undertaken to avoid pesticide exposure.”

By law, a person carrying out prescribed pesticide work must hold a license.

The EPA’s public register has records on pesticide licenses which you can view, such as pest management technician, fumigator, ground applicator, aerial or RPA applicator pilot, and aerial or RPA applicator business licenses in NSW.

The EPA investigates all reports of potential pollution and encourages anyone with a concern, or knowledge of a spray drift incident or pesticide misuse in their local area, to contact the 24-hour Environment Line on 131 555. 

Top tips for ensuring you or you technician are properly licensed

  • They have a photo licence before agreeing to any work being done
  • The photo on the licence matches the person carrying out the work
  • The expiry date on the licence has not expired
  • Ask for the full product name of the pesticide
  • Ask for the safety data sheet for the pesticide

The EPA has produced a short video to provide information when hiring a pest controller, a copy is available here:

Further information

There is a range of information available to assist consumers to ensure the correct use of pesticides. These include: