New Return and Earn point for Gilmore

A new Return and Earn automated depot has officially opened in Gilmore offering 10 cent refunds on eligible drink containers as part of the Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

The return point is operated by Valmar Industries and is located at 6 Killarney Road, Gilmore.

“Return and Earn is the largest litter reduction initiative to be introduced in NSW, and I am delighted that Valmar Industries is operating this new return point in Gilmore,” said NSW EPA’s Executive Director of CDS Sanjay Sridher.

“This automated depot provides a great return option for small and large numbers of containers, with onsite parking and specialised machinery that offers quick counting and redemptions for customers.

“The site is also unique because it is run by the social enterprise Valmar Industries which provides local employment for people with a disability.”

Manager Valmar Business Services, John Stanfield said they were thrilled to be part of Return and Earn.

“This will deliver a great opportunity for people with a disability to be a part of this local community Return and Earn scheme, by assisting the general public with their drink containers which delivers pride of work, and a value status in our community,” Mr Stanfield said.

Mr Sridher said that Return and Earn has been well received in NSW, with more than 16 million containers collected at return points across the broader Wagga Wagga area, and more than 888 million containers returned across the state.

“In addition, we have seen eligible drink container litter volume drop by a third since November last year demonstrating the positive and immediate impact that waste and litter reduction initiatives can have in our communities,” Mr Sridher said.

Drink containers eligible for the 10 cent Return and Earn refund include most containers between 150ml and three litres. Containers must be intact (not crushed or broken) and have a readable barcode to be eligible for the refund.

For more information about Return and Earn, including a return point map and eligible drink containers visit:

The Valmar Industries automated depot is located at 6 Killarney Road, Gilmore and is open:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday-12-5pm
  • Saturday – 9am-3pm
  • Sunday – 12-3pm