EPA fines Port Marina Ltd $15,000

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined Port Marina Pty Ltd $15,000 for undertaking boat repairs and maintenance without a licence at Port Macquarie Marina.

EPA Director Hunter Karen Marler said the fine was issued after it was discovered a 45-foot yacht had undergone maintenance at the premises without a valid licence.

“The vessel was observed to have had engines disconnected on 29 June 2018 and new engines connected on the same day,” Mrs Marler said.

“Any boat repair facility with the capacity to handle more than five vessels longer than five metres at any time requires an Environment Protection Licence.

“Port Marina were aware of the requirement to hold a licence, so this incident is particularly disappointing.”

The EPA had been in regular contact with Port Marina Pty Ltd regarding the need for a licence to be in place prior to undertaking boat maintenance. An EPA officer attended the premises in June 2018 prior to this incident and reminded Port Marina Pty Ltd of the need to ensure a licence was in place before any scheduled activities were undertaken.

There is no evidence that the alleged breach caused environmental harm on this occasion.

Penalty notices are one of a number of tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance including formal warnings, official cautions, licence conditions, notices and directions and prosecutions. For more information about the EPA’s regulatory tools, see the EPA Compliance Policy at www.epa.nsw.gov.au/legislation/prosguid.htm