Return and Earn hits 18 million containers on first day of 2018

Eighteen million containers have been returned through the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, Return and Earn, in the first month, with the numbers expected to surge further as people across the state head to collection points in the wake of New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“The uptake of the scheme is growing as more collection points are rolled out and more containers are returned,” Environment Protection Authority Chief Environmental Regulator Mark Gifford said.

“After last night’s celebrations, we expect even more people to take their eligible containers to their local reverse vending machine or over-the-counter collection point.

“Not only are people collecting the 10c deposit and the amount of money being donated to charities through reverse vending machines is growing, but cans and bottles continue to be removed from the NSW litter stream.”

More Return and Earn collection points are set to be opened across NSW. A total of 316 collection points are currently operating.

With the growing popularity of the scheme, network operator TOMRA Cleanaway is working to ensure that reverse vending machines are regularly emptied and that bins are provided at each machine. TOMRA Cleanaway staff will also be attending and cleaning sites every day.

In the 24 hours leading up to New Year’s Eve, collection points at Emerton (32,586 returns), Mt Hutton (27,813) and Wagga Wagga (26,042) were the busiest.

The Casula collection point has received the most returns since December 1, recording a total of 493,745 containers, with Emerton (476,731) and Granville (454,024), rounding out the top three return sites.

For more information on the scheme, a map of collection points and a list of eligible drink containers, visit: