PayPal to deliver secure, digital Return and Earn refunds

People who claim drink container refunds through Return and Earn can have the money deposited in their registered PayPal accounts from 1 December using their smartphones, NSW Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton announced today.

Return and Earn’s Network Operator TOMRA Cleanaway has partnered with online payments provider PayPal to deliver convenient and secure payments from reverse vending machine collection points when the electronic payment option is selected.

“An electronic funds transfer into a registered PayPal account via the myTOMRA app will also be available for refunds when people return their eligible drink container to a reverse vending machine,” Ms Upton said.

“This will be as simple as scanning the barcode from the myTOMRA app under the barcode reader on the front of the reverse vending machine prior to depositing your containers.”

Other reverse vending machine options include donating the refund to a charity or community group listed on the machine, or printing out a refund docket that can be exchanged for cash or redeemed on in-store purchases at the local retail partner.

TOMRA Collection Director of Strategy & Business Development, Markus Fraval, said the partnership with PayPal was a world-first in offering digital refund solutions for a container deposit scheme of this scale.

“TOMRA Cleanaway has taken the initiative to offer an abundance of payment options for recycling, to make it easy, personalised and engaging for the public to participate in Return and Earn. We wanted to ensure there is a digital way for claiming refunds to accommodate a rising consumer preference for mobile commerce experiences,” he said.

Director of Enterprise Business, PayPal Australia, Anthony Drury said that PayPal Australia was excited to partner with TOMRA Cleanaway to provide an elegant and modern digital refund experience for people recycling in NSW.

“As well as being a world-first, PayPal and TOMRA Cleanaway share the same ambition to make it easy to be green. We look forward to continuing to drive innovation together in support of this exciting government initiative,” Mr Drury said.

The myTOMRA app will be available for download in the week beginning November 20.

Demonstration video, showing how to use the PayPal refund option: