Our priorities

Our key priorities

In 2019–20 we began an organisational transformation that put the EPA on the path to becoming a world class regulator – a leader in protecting human health and the environment. To carry out this transformation, we committed to:

  • collaborate and engage more closely with stakeholders
  • be adaptive and responsive
  • put people at the centre of what we do, continually building the capacity and capability of our teams to deliver on our priorities and making the EPA a great place to work.

Our work priorities are tied to, and must align with, these objectives.

Our priorities for 2020–21 were:

Actions towards being a world class regulator

  • Making more use of data and insights
  • Having our compliance and enforcement panel take a new look at our investigations and penalties
  • Delivering major reforms around contaminated land and increasing our powers to hold people to account for non-compliance in this area
  • Amplifying our stakeholder engagement, starting with our roadshows

Strategic planning and implementation

  • Working with our Board to achieve best outcomes
  • Launching our new
    • Strategic Plan 2021–24
    • Regulatory Strategy
  • Working towards our new
    • Digital Transformation Strategy
    • Data and Analytics Strategy
  • Preparing to implement the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041

Continued investment in our people

  • Investing in our people leaders
  • Growing our capabilities and systems across the organisation
  • Implementing the EPA Workforce Strategy and Employee Career Journey
  • Focusing on talent and succession planning

The EPA aspires to be a contemporary, risk-based regulator and an innovative, creative problem-solver. These aspirations guide actions we have taken and are taking, such as developing a regulatory strategy and prosecution guidelines, reviewing our compliance policy, working from a shared purpose and risk framework, and aligning our resources with what we need to deliver.

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