Diversity committee

The EPA aims to ensure that all of our staff can feel safe, encouraged and supported in their work and recognises the need to address a wide range of diversity and inclusion factors to achieve this.  The EPA also understands diversity creates more tolerance, respect and understanding of differences and reduces fear and ignorance within a workplace and the community, creating more cohesion. In support of these goals, the EPA Diversity Committee has been established.

To ensure its ability to act on recommendations, this group has been set-up as a sub-committee of the EPA Executive; working in cooperation with the leadership of the organisation to achieve positive outcomes for our staff.

The inaugural membership of this staff-led committee is as follows

  • Zoé Kennedy (Chair)
  • Barry Buffier, Chair and CEO (Executive Sponsor)
  • Carmen Dwyer
  • Cathy Love
  • Christina Low
  • Hiromi Shimizu
  • Kayal Shankar
  • Martin Puddey
  • Mildi Palmer
  • Nigel Sargent
  • Pauline Coppin
  • Peter Bloem
  • Stuart Murphy
  • Emily Boyle
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