Port Kembla copper stack demolition: EPA monitoring results

The Port Kembla copper stack was demolished on Thursday 20 February 2014.

In addition to extensive monitoring by Port Kembla Copper (PKC), the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), with assistance from the Office of Environment and Heritage, undertook air quality and noise/vibration monitoring at a number of locations within Port Kembla, primarily outside the exclusion zone.

This monitoring included:

  • three air quality monitors for PM10
  • three air quality monitors for PM2.5
  • two real time ‘Dust Mates’ monitors
  • four dust deposition trays
  • four noise/vibration monitors.

The EPA monitoring aimed to provide independent information and was not intended to replicate the monitoring undertaken by PKC.

Read a summary of the EPA monitoring (140297pkcstackdemmon.pdf, 720KB)

results of the monitoring by PKC
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