Ministerial media releases

9 October 2017
Woolworths becomes Return and Earn's first retail partner
(EPAMinMedia17100901.pdf, 300KB)

29 July 2017
NSW gets ready to "Return and Earn"
(EPAMinMedia17072901.pdf, 308KB)

28 June 2017
Air quality monitoring network expansion
(EPAMinMedia17280601.pdf,  131KB)

19 May 2017
Have your say on strategies for a cleaner NSW
(EPAMinMedia17051901.pdf, 193KB)

11 May 2017
Statement on contaminated sites management
(EPAMinMedia17051101.pdf, 112KB)

1 May 2017
Get a handle on the food we waste

4 April 2017
Waste levy waived for flood affected areas
(EPAMin17040401.pdf, 189kb)

27 March 2017
A day in the life of a littered drink container
(EPAMinMedia17032701.pdf, 175kb)

20 March 2017
Digital eye on dumping
(EPAMinMedia170320.pdf, 265KB)

21 February 2017
Waste levy waived for bushfire affected areas
(EPAMInMedia17022101.pdf, 63KB)

16 January 2017
Container deposit scheme deadline extension
(EPAMinMedia17021601.pdf, 59KB)

1 December 2016
Strong interest in container deposit scheme tender pre-qualification

30 November 2016
Have your say on container deposit regulations

17 November 2016
Get applications in the can to run container scheme
(EPAMinMedia16111701.pdf, 65KB)

4 November 2016
Wheels in motion to help those in need

28 October 2016
10-year plan for improved air quality

19 October 2016
Can we do it? Yes we can

14 October 2016
$337million for a cleaner NSW

12 October 2016
NSW Container Deposit Scheme in the can

12 October 2016
Litter volume drops as NSW tackles the Tossers

24 August 2016
Put in your ten cents' worth on deposit scheme
(EPAMinMedia16082401.pdf, 175KB)

8 August 2016
Response to Human Health Risk Assessment Report
(EPAMinMedia16080801.pdf, 113KB)

24 June 2016
Statement on low sulfur fuel 
(EPAMinMedia16062401.pdf, 53KB)

21 June 2016
$50 million more for environment and heritage
(EPAMinMedia16062101.pdf, 239KB)

9 June 2016
Waste Levy fee waived for 34 storm affected areas
(EPAMinMedia16060901.pdf, 59KB)

30 May 2016
Statement on contaminated sites management
(EPAMinMedia16053001.pdf, 112KB)

25 May 2016
Its time to bin charity dumping
(EPAMinMedia25051601.pdf, 239 KB)

8 May 2016
Container Deposit Scheme to combat litter in NSW

19 March 2016
NSW is increasing recycling and reducing litter

18 March 2016
Green bin waste collection services expanded in NSW
(EPAMinMedia16031801.pdf, 71KB)

16 March 2016
Don't be a tosser this Easter - put your litter in the bin
(EPAMinMedia16031601.pdf, 160KB)

15 March 2016
$3 million for councils to improve landfill management
(EPAMinMedia16031501.pdf, 112KB)

6 March 2016
The gloves are on for Clean Up Australia Day
(EPAMinMedia16030601.pdf, 75KB)

29 February 2016
NSW and Queensland co-host plastic bags roundtable
(EPAMinMedia16030101.pdf, 112KB)

24 February 2016
$4.5 million to modernise waste and recycling in NSW
(EPAMinMedia16022401.pdf, 196KB)

21 February 2016
Illegal dumping reporting portal open to public
(EPAMinMedia16022201.pdf, 193KB)

16 February 2016
Grant Funding Targets Litter Hot Spots
(EPAMinMedia16021601.pdf, 188KB)

Funding to help reduce food waste in NSW
(EPAMinMedia16012801.pdf, 128KB)

25 January 2016
Funding to Get Smart on Managing Problem Waste
(EPAMinMedia16012501.pdf, 112KB)

15 January 2016
NSW Government waives waste levy for Port Stephens and Hunter storm affected residents
(EPAMinMedia16011501.pdf, 115KB)

11 January 2016
Weighbridge grants will help prevent illegal dumping
(EPAMinMedia16011101.pdf, 120KB)

23 December 2015
Williamtown interim report now online
(EPAMinMedia15122302.pdf, 113KB

23 December 2015
NSW Government help for Williamtown residents
(EPAMinMedia15122301.pdf, 201KB

19 December 2015
Have your say on NSW's container deposit scheme
(EPAMinMedia15121901.pdf, 58KB

17 December 2015
Thankyou visit to Kurnell community
(EPAMinMedia15121701.pdf, 59KB)

16 December 2015
NSW Government helps Kurnell residents pay for clean-up
(EPAMinMedia15121603.pdf, 63KB)

16 December 2015
$6 million Government funding to help charity feed more needy people
(EPAMinMedia15121602.pdf, 113KB)

15 December 2015
MEM STATEMENT - NSW leads on tighter air quality standards and reducing plastics in the environment
(EPAMin20151215.pdf, 119KB)

14 December 2015
NSW’s worst sporting fields to be revitalised with organic waste
(EPAMinMedia15121402.pdf, 161KB)

11 November 2015
Around $1 Million in grants for recycling networks
(EPAMinMedia15111101.pdf, 126KB)

9 November 2015
$50,000 open to small and medium sized enterprises to increase recycling
(EPAMinMedia15110901.pdf, 330KB)

6 November 2015
Minister launches new Australian recycling label to remove confusion

15 October 2015
NSW Government delivering the actions of the NSW gas plan
(EPAMinMedia15101501.pdf, 122KB)

8 October 2015
Visit to Williamtown
(EPAMinMedia15100801.pdf, 130KB)

7 October 2015
Grants of up to $5 Million To Encourage Processing of Organic Waste
(EPAMinMedia15100701.pdf, 120KB)

28 September 2015
New Regional Illegal Dumping Squad and new reporting online
(EPAMinMedia15092801.pdf, 192KB)

24 September 2015
$1.3 million in grants to reduce litter
(EPAMinMedia15092401.pdf, 116KB)

16 September 2015
Government takes further action on Williamtown RAAF Base contamination
(EPAMinMedia15091601.pdf, 115KB)

16 September 2015
$200,000 in grants available to help clean up and curb illegal dumping on Aboriginal lands
(EPAMin15091601.pdf, 115KB)

01 September 2015
Regulation of low sulfur fuel in cruise ships
(EPAMinMedia15090101.pdf, 111KB)

27 August 2015
Almost $7 million in grants for SMEs to trim waste

21 August 2015
Councils and community groups share almost $1.5 million to help curb illegal dumping
(EPAMinMedia15082101.pdf, 61KB)

13 August 2015
EPA shares the load with waste operators
(EPAMinMedia15081301.pdf, 60KB)

11 August 2015
More than $3 million in grants to recycle plastics, rubbers and metals
(EPAMinMedia15081101.pdf, 33KB)

10 August 2015
Almost $18 million in grants will help divert over 660,000 tonnes of waste from landfill each year
(EPAMinMedia15081001.pdf, 115KB)

7 August 2015
Grants to eight Aboriginal Land Councils to tackle illegal dumping
(EPAMinMedia15080701.pdf, 193KB)

1 July 2015
EPA leads regulation of the CSG industry
(EPAMinMedia15070101.pdf, 37KB)

26 June 2015
Government announces Container Deposit Scheme Advisory Committee
(EPAMinMedia15062601.pdf, 67KB)

23 June 2015
Record environment and heritage spend in NSW Budget

7 June 2015
NSW residents report more than 5000 people in state wide anti-littering blitz
(EPAMinMedia15060801.pdf, 129KB)

3 June 2015
Trial to test new timber harvest rules

3 June 2015
Community consultation open on Draft Regulation for low sulphur fuel in cruise ships

28 May 2015
Government on track to deliver low fuel regulations for cruise ships
(EPAMinMedia15052801.pdf, 128KB)

26 May 2015
Work underway to reduce lead in Broken Hill playgrounds
(EPAMinMedia15052601.pdf, 59.14KB)

14 May 2015
Pesticides Amendment Bill Passes Upper House
(EPAMinMedia15051401.pdf, 57.50KB)

14 April 2015
Hey Tosser! Making NSW least littered state
(EPAMin15041401.pdf, 74.98KB)

21 February 2015
Getting bottles and cans out of our streets, beaches and waterways
(EPAMinMedia15022101.pdf, 61.68KB)

13 February 2015
NSW Government commits more than $13million to reduce lead levels at Broken Hill

18 January 2015
People power to crackdown on litterbugs

05 January 2015
Happy New Year for Environmental Safeguards

29 December 2014
NSW Government helps Charities crack down on illegal dumping

22 December 2014
Solarium ban to come into effect

2 December 2014
$5 million to help recycle waste into fuel

13 November 2014
New $1.2 million Recycling Facility for Kimbriki
(EPAMinMedia14111301.pdf,  58.4KB)

30 October 2014
New rules boost EPA power to control waste

13 October 2014
Ten million kilograms of chemicals safely recycled

12 October 2014
NSW wasting less, but there's room to improve

7 October 2014
"The Enforcer" puts his foot down on litter

2 October 2014
Compost bins to tackle food waste

29 September 2014
Funding for regional contaminated lands management

9 September 2014
Australia's toughest on the spot fines for environmental offences now in effect

12 August 2014
Legislation to strengthen environmental regulation
(EPAMinMedia14081201.pdf, 30.5KB)

7 August 2014
Illegal dumpers beware - new RID Squad hits the streets
(EPAMinMedia14080702.pdf, 60KB)

7 August 2014
Launch of the Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring Network
(EPAMinMedia14080701.pdf, 58KB)

6 August 2014
$2.3 million for council anti-littering projects
(EPAMinMedia14080602.pdf, 58KB)

6 August 2014
Bankstown Council gets $124,585 to cut litter in half

15 July 2014
New community recycling centre opens in Liverpool
(EPAMin14071501.pdf, 62KB)

27 June 2014
Household Asbestos Disposal Trial from July
(EPAMin14062701.pdf, 61KB)

4 June 2014
New Inner West squad to combat illegal dumping

28 May 2014
Toughest penalties in Australia for polluters

29 April 2014
NSW and ACT join to tackle cross border illegal dumping
(EPAMin140429.pdf 104KB)

10 April 2014
New waste recycling centre opens in Lake Macquarie
(EPAMin14041001.pdf 176KB) 

28 March 2014
Encouraging less waste at Sydney's CropFest
(EPAMin14032801.pdf 148KB) 

21 March 2014
Investment sought for new energy from waste facilities
(EPAMin14032101.pdf, 186KB)

27 February 2014
Wood smoke reduction grants for NSW councils
(EPAMin14022702.pdf, 172KB)

27 February 2014
NSW Government committed to reducing litter this Clean Up Australia Day
(EPAMin14022701.pdf, 181KB)

21 February 2014
Community enlisted in new Rutherford odour survey
(EPAMin14022001.pdf, 173KB)

19 February 2014
Grants turn business trash into recycled treasure
(EPAMin14021901.pdf, 177KB)

9 February 2014
Statement on Sun Herald claims

7 February 2014
Newcastle to have dedicated air quality network

28 January 2014
Blitz on NSW tyre retailers

24 December 2013
Love Food Hate Waste this Christmas
(EPAMin13122401.pdf, 172KB)

19 December 2013
Don't dump on charities this Christmas holiday season

18 December 2013
New support for regional council waste groups

18 December 2013
Councils to share in grants for major waste infrastructure projects
(EPAMin13121801.pdf, 98KB)

4 December 2013
New Chair appointed for air quality network
(EPAMin13120401.pdf, 99KB)

27 November 2013
Tough new rules for the waste tyre industry
(EPAMin13112701.pd, 94.42KB)

7 November 2013
Waste levy trial to tackle asbestos
(EPAMin13110701.pdf, 186KB)

22 October 2013
Waste levy suspended to help NSW fire victims
(EPAMin13102201.pdf, 162KB)

17 October 2013
Parliament House holds first ever garage sale
(EPAMin13101701.pdf, 91KB)

8 August 2013
NSW EPA and Maitland City Council join forces to support 2013 Garage Sale Trail
(EPAMin13080801.pdf, 30KB)

10 July 2013
Newcastle air quality study begins
(EPAMin13071001.pdf, 90KB)

5 July 2013
Minister visits southern illegal dumping program
(EPAMin13070501.pdf, 33KB)

30 June 2013
Solaria disposal scheme starts from July 1
(EPAMin13063001.pdf, 27KB)

29 June 2013
Additional funding to tackle air quality issues
(EPAMin13062901.pdf, 26KB)

18 June 2013
$1.6 billion for Environment and Heritage
(MinMedia13061801.pdf, 191KB)

14 June 2013
NSW Government announces changes to Native Vegetation Regulation
(MinMedia13061401.pdf, 34KB)

11 June 2013
$38.7 million to help councils reduce waste and improve their local environment
(MinMedia13061101.pdf, 31KB)

5 June 2013
Illegal dumping squad for the Illawarra and Southern NSW
(MinMedia13060502.pdf, 30KB)

5 June 2013
Help for households to avoid food waste
(MinMedia13060501.pdf, 75KB)

29 May 2013
NSW Government to crack down on illegal dumping
(MinMedia13052901.pdf, 88KB)

10 May 2013
Contracts awarded for Rutherford odour investigation project
(MinMedia13051001.pdf, 71KB)

9 May 2013
Help for private landholders to manage native forests
(MinMedia13050901.pdf, 32KB)

6 May 2013
Combatting illegal dumping in Western Sydney
(MinMedia13050601.pdf, 35KB)

22 March 2013
NSW Government tackles Hunter dust issues head on
(MinMedia13032201.pdf, 97KB)

20 March 2013
Wood smoke program aims to help clear the winter air
(MinMedia13032002.pdf, 135KB)

13 March 2013
Energy from Waste Policy open for public consultation
(MinMedia13031301.pdf, 93KB)

23 February 2013
NSW Government announces $58M strategy to combat illegal dumping
(MinMedia13020302.pdf, 95KB)

23 February 2013
New waste and recycling agenda driven by $465M funding package
(MinMedia13022301.pdf, 93KB)

7 February 2013
EPA to commission odour sampling and modelling for Rutherford
(MinMedia13020702.pdf, 76KB)

4 February 2013
Local litter workshops to target litter hotspots
(MinMedia13020401.pdf, 78KB)

11 January 2013
Tossing cigarette butts not on
(MinMedia13011101.pdf, 73KB)

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