Waste reporting definitions

Waste classifications

Waste typeCodeWaste type description
Aggregate, roadbase or ballast  AGG Material such as rock and/or gravel. Examples: asphalt, road base, railway ballast, processed sandstone. Excluding: crushed concrete
Aluminium (non-ferrous)  AL Examples: Aluminium frames, aluminium cans.
Asbestos (N220)  ASB Asbestos means the fibrous form of those mineral silicates that belong to the servpentine or amphibole groups of rock-forming minerals, including actinolite, amosite (brown asbestos), anthophyllite, chrysotile (white asbestos), crocidolite (blue asbestos) and tremolite. Examples: any of the following made from asbestos - sheeting, roofing, lagging, pipes, rubble or soil.
Ashes  ASH Examples: Ash from any incinerator or fly ash or bottom ash
Batteries   BATT Examples: Batteries separated from electronic devices and vehicle batteries.
Bricks or concrete   BC Bricks, mortar or concrete. Examples: bricks with mortar, concrete containing steel reinforcing. Excluding: fibre cement 
Biosolids or manures   BIO Biosolids: the organic product that results from sewage treatment processes (sometimes referred to as sewage sludge).  Manure: any mixture of manure and biodegradable animal bedding (such as straw).
Ceramics, tiles, pottery   CER Examples: terracotta roof tiles, pottery, porcelain products. Excluding: bricks and concrete. 
Commingled recyclables  COMM Recyclable wastes such as plastic, glass and paper that have been collected for recycling
Composts or mulches   COMP Organic material that has been composted, chipped or shredded.
Contaminated soil  CONT Soil that is contaminated and not suitable for reuse. Excluding: soil contaminated with asbestos
Dredging spoil  DSP Spoil from dredging activities. Dredging is defined as the excavation of natural material to provide and/or increase the dimensions of a waterway, or ensure that existing channels, berths or harbour works area maintained at their design specifications.
E-waste  EWASTE Electrical goods, TV, Computers, Toaster, Radio, Ipod, gameboys, stereos, speakers, VCR, DVD players, small electrical, Power tools
Ferrous (iron or steel)  FE Examples: steel cans, scrap steel, car bodies, steel reinforcing. Excluding: gas bottles.
Food or kitchen  FOOD Food waste from manufacture, preparation, sale or consumption of food. Excluding: agricultural waste
Glass  GLASS Examples: glass in the following form - windows, bottles, plate glass, glass fines. Excluding: perspex, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs.
Mattresses  MATT Mattresses
Mixed waste  MIX Mixed waste is any waste that contains more than one of the material composition types (MCC's). Example: composite products such as light bulbs, plastic coated timber. waste, mixed waste from commercial or industrial activities. Excluding: commingled recyclables.
Non-ferrous (metals, not iron steel or aluminium)  NFE Examples: lead, copper, brass. Excluding: aluminium, steel.
Oil  OIL Examples: engine oils, vegetable oils, cooking oil.
Paper or cardboard  PAPER Paper and Cardboard
Plasterboard  PB Gypsum based construction sheeting. Excluding: fibre cement, MDF, masonite, villaboard, chipboard, asbestos.
Pharmacy or clinical  PHARM Clinical and related waste as defined under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.
Plastic  PL Examples: perspex, PVC piping, astroturf, polystyrene, plastic weed matt, pool liners, polypropylene, extruded plastic, plastic crates.
Problem waste  PROB Paint (dry or wet), Chemicals, Fluorescent tubes; compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), Household Chemicals, Gas Bottles. Oil filters,
Residues or rejects  RES Residues from industrial or manufacturing processes. Examples: woolwash, drilling mud, pond waste, slag, filter cake, fibre cement, cell scale. Excluding: fly ash or bottom ash (Note: "Ash" has a separate material composition code)
Shredder floc  FLOC Shredder floc
Soil (not contaminated or VENM)  SOIL Examples: clay, sand, topsoil. Excluding: contaminated soil, VENM
Textiles, rags  TEXT Synthetic or natural woven material. Examples: rags, fibreglass insulation, carpet and underlay.
Tyres  TYRE Examples: whole, shredded or dewalled tyres
Vegetation or garden  VEG Soft vegetation/garden waste. Examples: grass clippings, small prunings, seaweed, leaves, non woody weeks, non woody agricultural waste. Excluding: food, compost, mulches, wood, sawdust, timber, trees and tree stumps. 
Virgin excavated natural material  VENM Virgin Excavated Natural Material that is not mixed with any other waste (clay, gravel, sand, soil and rock) and that (a) has been excavated from areas that are not contaminated, as the result of industrial, commercial, mining or agricultural activities, with manufactured chemicals and does not contain sulphidic ores or soils, or (b) consists of excavated natural materials that meet such criteria as may be approved by the EPA.
Veterinary waste  VET Dead animals and animal parts and any mixture of dead animals and animal parts.
Wood, trees or timber  WOOD Examples: trees or tree stumps. Raw, treated or painted timber, sawdust, wooden crates, wooden packaging, wooden pallets, wood shavings, MDF, chipboard, particle board, masonite. Excluding: plastic coated timbers.f


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