Coastal Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOA) remake

The NSW Government is remaking the Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOAs) for the Eden, Southern, Upper and Lower North East coastal regions of NSW, into a new Coastal IFOA which is efficient, effective and enforceable, and reflects modern best-practice regulation.

The objectives of the IFOA remake are to

  • reduce costs associated with implementation and compliance
  • improve clarity and enforceability of the conditions for protecting the environment, threatened species and fisheries in state forests
  • incorporate innovations in best regulatory practice and advances in technology
  • deliver a contemporary regulatory framework that is fit for purpose

The objectives of the IFOA remake will be met with no erosion of environmental values and no net change to wood supply.


The NSW Government has committed to comprehensive consultation. Feedback received from public consultation to date is informing the development of the draft Coastal IFOA, and includes

Review of threatened species protections

The government engaged the Forest Practices Authority (FPA) of Tasmania to independently review the proposed threatened species licence framework.

The government also convened a panel of threatened species experts to review and provide input into the development of ‘multi-scale landscape’ protections for threatened species in forestry on privately-owned and public land.

This advice is being considered as part of the development of the draft Coastal IFOA.

Trial of the Coastal IFOA

The government conducted a trial in five harvest areas on the mid-north coast of NSW from July to September 2015. The trial

  • demonstrated options for protecting threatened species and their habitats from timber harvesting operations
  • considered ways in which the options met the objectives of the Coastal IFOA remake
  • tested different harvesting intensities

The information from the trial is now being used to further refine the proposed threatened species measures and inform the final draft Coastal IFOA.

The EPA also investigated

Next steps

A draft Coastal IFOA and related documents will be placed on public exhibition for a minimum of six weeks in 2017. These will include a report on the outcomes of the Coastal IFOA trial and a report on the advice of the expert threatened species panel.

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