Routine agricultural management activities (RAMAs)

There are some restrictions on the routine agricultural management activities permitted on land covered by a private native forestry property vegetation plan (PNF Plan).

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On 25 August 2017, new legislative arrangements commenced for private native forestry. It should be noted that some references on the EPA's website and any publications may now be outdated. These documents will be progressively updated by the EPA to ensure current legislative arrangements are reflected. More detail about changes can be found here.

The Private Native Forestry Code of Practice sets operating requirements for all areas of native forest covered by an approved PNF Plan.

A landholder may clear small amounts of native vegetation in the areas covered by the PNF Plan for everyday farm management, such as Routine Agricultural Management Activities (RAMA). RAMAs are activities which do not require approval under the Native Vegetation Act 2003, provided that

  • clearing is done to the minimum extent necessary and within specified distance limitations where they apply, and
  • any other approvals necessary for the work, such as building approval, are first obtained.

RAMAs include

  • clearing noxious weeds
  • collecting firewood
  • lopping native vegetation for stock fodder

There are some restrictions on RAMAs for land covered by a private native forestry (PNF) property vegetation plan. Routine agricultural management activities on private native forestry land (PDF 245KB) explains ways in which you can conduct some RAMAs.

For information about RAMAs available for your property, contact your Local Land Services.

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