Assessment public register

Landholders wishing to conduct private native forestry (PNF) must complete a PNF plan.

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On 25 August 2017, new legislative arrangements commenced for private native forestry. It should be noted that some references on the EPA's website and any publications may now be outdated. These documents will be progressively updated by the EPA to ensure current legislative arrangements are reflected. More detail about changes can be found here.

The EPA supplies a map showing areas of old growth forest and rainforest that must not be logged. If landholders disagree with the map’s accuracy, they can ask the EPA for an assessment. The PNF assessment public register (XLS 62KB) provides information on the outcome of each assessment, while protecting personal information. 

Register categories

Area of property assessed

The area of a property being assessed usually includes the entire property, not just the area proposed for PNF operations or the area previously mapped.

Updated area of PNF old growth forest and PNF rainforest

This area has been confirmed as old growth forest or rainforest once the assessment has been completed.

The percentage change figure is calculated by comparing the total area mapped on the property once the assessment is completed and the indicated area previously mapped.

Note: Cases marked with an asterisk (*) in previous versions of the register have been deleted because the PNF plan was incomplete due to

  • the old growth and rainforest assessment being still in progress
  • the PNF plan still being finalised
  • the applicant not finalising the PNF plan
  • the property being sold before the PNF plan was completed
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