Do a local litter check

The EPA‘s easy-to-use 'Local litter check' is a free kit for people in the community, and for councils and other land managers. The kit helps you understand and design solutions for your local litter problem.

Understand your litter problem

The 'Local litter check' helps you gather evidence about litter behaviour in your local area at sites such as parks, beaches and bus stops.

The kit steps you through key information you need to know such as

  • What is littered?
  • Who uses the area?
  • What bins are present, and is the area clean?

By answering these questions, you can build a plan of action to tackle litter.

'Local litter check' resources

The 'Local litter check' kit includes easy-to-use survey sheets and forms for recording information.

Once your project is underway, use the 'Local litter check' to track your progress and measure your success.

Download the full kit by sections

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