Civil Construction Market Program

To do this, the EPA is offering grants ranging from $20,000 to $75,000 to fund consultants, contractors, waste service providers and local government personnel who can divert construction and demolition (C&D) waste from landfill through reuse, recycling and industrial ecology projects in the NSW civil construction sector by May 2017.

Who is the program for?

The Civil Construction Market Program grantees will actively engage with government, contractors, waste haulage and recycling companies that work within the civil construction sector in NSW.

They will have an understanding of what resource productivity opportunities are in the sector within a nominated area and have established contacts and networks from within an organisation and across many organisations to ensure that resource recovery opportunities transpire.

Benefits of being part of the program include:

  • opportunities for information sharing, collaboration and capacity building
  • access to specialist advice
  • branding and marketing support for projects established through the program
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting for projects established through the program
  • liaison with government consent authorities
  • flow-on bottom line benefits from applying industrial ecology principles to your project, such as business cost savings and job security
  • opportunities to increase your commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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Program targets

The Civil Construction Market Program is targeting the diversion of tonnes from landfill. These must be reused and/or recycled lawfully from one civil construction project to another within NSW.

The program will focus on the recycling and reuse some of the following materials, deemed fit for purpose in terms of quality, appearance, price and convenience:

  • crushed materials
  • recovered aggregates
  • clay, soil, sand and rock
  • fly ash
  • slurry
  • slags e.g. metallurgical
  • mulch
  • tree guards, stakes and ballasts.
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