Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment

The Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment was established by the Minister for the Environment in 2011. It enables people living in the Newcastle Local Government Area to identify important environmental and amenity issues associated with nearby industrial activities. It also helps local industry understand the community's concerns.

The committee advised on the establishment of the Newcastle Local Air Quality Monitoring Network. It also advises the Minister on any other existing, new or emerging environmental issues and on how the community wishes to be notified and kept informed in the event of an environmental incident. The committee has ten members.

Expressions of interest for membership of the committee were sought from the community and industry. The committee membership was chosen to represent a broad range of views to ensure a balanced approach and open and honest dialogue between members of industry, government and community that will influence positive environmental outcomes for Newcastle.

Terms of reference

The EPA has prepared terms of reference to support and guide the Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment.

John Tate


Mr Tate is the proprietor of a local automotive industry company and has extensive experience in small business. John served as a Councillor for the City of Newcastle from 1980 and was popularly elected as Lord Mayor of Newcastle in 1999, to his retirement in 2012. John served as Chair of the Hunter Economic Development Corporation, and as the Deputy Chair of Regional Development Australia - Hunter. He has been a Director of the Regional Land Management Corporation, the Newcastle Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, Honeysuckle Development Corporation and Hunter Development Corporation.

Minister's community representative

Associate Professor Howard Bridgman


Associate Professor Bridgman is Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle, with over 30 years experience in air quality management issues in the Hunter. Howard served as technical expert on the EPA's advisory committees dealing with air quality and odour issues. Howard served as President of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand and Editor of the Journal Air Quality and Climate Change. 

Keith Craig


Mr Craig is a chemical engineer in the water industry and has represented the Stockton community through various community forums. Keith is a member of the Stockton Community Action Group (SCAG). 

Rick Banyard


Mr Banyard has a background in agriculture, mechanics and as a teacher of technical education. Rick is a long term resident of Newcastle and the Hunter and has a long term association with action on environmental issues including air quality and water quality management. Rick is an active member of a wide variety of Newcastle organisations and is recognised for his research skills. 

Dr John Mackenzie


Dr Mackenzie is the co-ordinator of the Hunter Community Environment Centre and a lecturer in environmental ethics at the University of Newcastle. John's research and professional history have focused on the ways that communities, governments and industries can collaborate more effectively to improve public health, the management of natural resources and the condition of our environment. 

Sherree Woodroffe


Ms Woodroffe is the Environment and Community Manager at Orica. Sherree has 20 years' experience in environmental and safety management at industrial operations. 

Peter Kibble


Mr Kibble is a Newcastle resident and holds a senior managerial role with Port Waratah Coal Services. Throughout his forty year career, Peter has worked in various senior management roles including human resources, environment, community, health and safety and commercial. 

Michael Dowzer


Mr Dowzer is the Executive Manager Corporate Services at the Port of Newcastle. Michael is responsible for business and strategic planning, legal services, corporate governance, compliance and risk management, environmental management, land use planning and property management. The Port of Newcastle is the private operator of the port, under a long term lease from the NSW Government. Michael joined the Port of Newcastle following 10 years with the Newcastle Port Corporation, in a number of legal, governance and strategic planning roles with particular focus on the coal export business. 

City of Newcastle representative

Mr Andrew Baxter
Mr Baxter is Manager of Regulatory Services at the City of Newcastle. Andrew has represented Council on the Committee since 2015.

Dr Craig Dalton


Dr Dalton is a public health physician at Hunter New England Health and Conjoint Senior Lecturer, in the School Medical Practice and Public Health at the University of Newcastle. Craig has been involved in human health risk assessment and communication related to a wide range of environmental health issues in the Hunter since 1997. 

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Presentations made to the committee:

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For current monitoring results, go to the map of the Newcastle Air Quality Monitoring Network.

For air quality seasonal newsletters, go to Newcastle monitoring reports.

The report ‘Lower Hunter Ambient Air Quality – Review of Available Data’ has been amended. The report dated April 2012 is repealed. The current version of the report is dated June 2012. Amendments in the current report are

  • Page 24 Table 4.13. Data in all columns apart from 'Year' and 'Number of Days Above NEPM Level' replaced with correct data.
  • Page 25 Table 4.14. Data in 'Percent Data Coverage' column replaced with correct data.
  • Page 82 Space added in text between 'able 5.32' and 'and'.
  • Page 83 Figure 5.35. Replaced with corrected figure.
  • Page 83 Figure 5.36. Replaced with corrected figure.
  • Page 84 Table 5.32. Data in '1st Highest' and '2nd Highest' and 'Number of Days Above NEPM Level' columns replaced with correct data.
  • Page 84 Table 5.33. Data in 'Concentration (ppm)' column replaced with correct data.
  • Page 102 Table 6.1. Row: 'nitrogen dioxide', Column: 'Neighbourhood (Other)' – cell colour changed from orange to green. Column: 'Comments': - deleted reference to levels exceeding criteria on occasion
  • Page 105 Figure 6.3. Replaced map with corrected map (point 16 colour change from orange to green).
  • Page 112 Table 6.3. Row '16' Column 'NOx' – cell colour changed from orange to green

The EPA consulted with the Newcastle Community Consultative Committee on the Environment on the design and management of the Lower Hunter air quality studies.

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