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Consultation on the wood smoke control framework

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is proposing amendments to the current wood heater regulatory framework in NSW to give local councils powers to introduce additional controls on wood heater installation.

The proposed amendments have been informed by feedback from earlier consultation on the discussion paper Options for local government wood smoke control in NSW, economic studies on various control options and the outcomes of a Standards Australia review of national wood heater standards.

The proposed amendment to the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 will incorporate:

  • a new Schedule of additional controls that councils will be able to choose to implement
  • updated Australian/New Zealand Standards for wood heaters which set more stringent emission limits and new efficiency limits.

The proposed amendment will give councils additional powers to disallow installation of wood heaters and open fire places or restrict installation to only low-emission heaters. These actions could occur across an entire local government area or be restricted to designated areas, such as high-density neighbourhoods, new development precincts and localities affected by wood smoke due to topography. This is similar to the approach for control of open burning in NSW.

Councils with no wood smoke concerns can choose to take no action.

Supporting documents

Find out more about the proposed amendment by visiting the wood smoke amendment Q&As webpage.

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Public consultation is now closed.

Page last updated: 18 May 2015