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Environmental criteria for road traffic noise

The NSW Road Noise Policy replaced the Environmental Criteria for Road Traffic Noise from 1 July 2011 The NSW Road Noise Policy contains strategies to address the issue of road traffic noise   2013

NSW Road Noise Policy - key provisions

Residents exposed to acute road noise where no road developments are proposed may be eligible for relief under this program Other road traffic noise issues Additional sections have been added to the NSW Road Noise Policy to consolidate and update   2013

NSW Road Noise Policy - application notes

relevant noise assessment criterion that applies day or night'The relative increase criteria are intended to apply to 'noise from a road project' or 'noise from a land use development with the potential to generate additional traffic' The first   2013

Application notes - NSW industrial noise policy

areas where traffic flow is continuous and noise from industrial sources is inaudible or difficult to measure due to a high level of road traffic noise, and where the L Aeq, (period), traffic noise level is more than 10 dB above the ANL presented in Table   2013

Managing noise from vehicles

of road traffic noise The results of a survey conducted in 2004 by the then Department of Environment and Conservation found that 46% of people in NSW considered road traffic noise as a problem in their neighbourhood and one in five people in Sydney   2017

Motorcycle muffler noise

and spin on the road surface may make unnecessary noise or smoke(Note: Under Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 1999, police officers can issue 3 demerit points for this offence) Road Rule 291 - 1: Engine to be stopped   2017

Noise management

and who is responsible for enforcing it NSW Industrial Noise Policy - preventing and minimising industrial noise NSW Road Noise Policy - assessing and managing the impacts from road traffic noise Rail Infrastructure Noise Guideline - noise and vibration   2017

NSW industrial noise policy

The NSW Industrial Noise Policy was released on 16 December 1999, following widespread public consultation on the draft policyIt aims to balance the need for industrial activity with the desire for quiet in the community.   2016

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