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Reporting noise from motor vehicle exhaust

Report online Report a noisy vehicle report online Report Report from a mobile Report motor vehicle pollution on the go using Report to EPA from your mobile Report Call 131 555 Environment   2017

Frequently asked questions about reporting noise from motor vehicle exhaust

an advisory letter to the registered owner of a vehicle reported to have a noisy exhaust Why do I have to provide my personal details when making a report? When the motor vehicle pollution reporting service was first established, some anonymous   2016

Motor vehicle contribution to air pollution

Sydney faces challenges in meeting the national air quality standards for ground level ozone (photochemical smog) and particle pollutionVehicle exhaust emissions   2009

Frequently asked questions about reporting smoky vehicles

historyIf a vehicle is subject to multiple reports from members of the public, the EPA may require that the owner present the vehicle to a licensed motor vehicle repairer for diagnosis and repair of any mechanical faults, that may be causing the vehicle   2016

Reporting smoky vehicles

Online form Report a smoky vehicle online Call 131 555 Environment Line�™s experienced staff will take your report by phone (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) From your mobile Report motor vehicle pollution   2016

Report to EPA from your mobile

Why report motor vehicle pollution and illegal dumping? The EPA is working to minimise community exposure to pollution from motor vehicles in NSWYour reports will help ensure that vehicle owners are aware of the pollution they are causing, and   2016

Health issues resulting from smoky vehicles

Smoky vehicle impacts on community and personal health Smoke emissions can be odorous and are visibly offensiveVehicle exhaust is a major cause of soiling of city buildings and of the general griminess   2013

Clean Cars for NSW is one element of the NSW Govern...

car profiler CSIRO's Exploring the co-benefit of electric vehicle uptake and ozone pollution reduction in Sydney - Final report Part 4 of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010  covers motor vehicles and motor vehicle   2013

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