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Radiation user licence - list of current radiation safety courses and course providers | NSW EPA

Click on the relevant licence type link below to find a list of current course providers and radiation safety courses available for that licence typeApplicants   2017

Environment protection licence forms

eConnect EPA is the Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) online licensing tool Go to eConnect EPA to: start an application for an environment protection licence manage your environment protection licence   2017

Radiation management licence �“ information for applicants

Information for applicants Radiation management licence - requirements Radiation management licence - exemptions Radiation management licence �“ transition arrangements Radiation   2017

eConnect for radiation user licence applications

You can now use eConnect EPA to apply for and manage a radiation user licence; including applying for a new licence applying to renew a licence change the contact details for an existing licence.   2017

Licence renewals and variations

Renewals A valid user licence can be renewed for either one or three years and is required to be renewed on or within 60 days after the expiry dateShould your user licence lapse (60 days after your expiry date), you   2017

Licence exemptions and supervision

Exemption from holding a user licence for certain types of regulated material Employers and users of regulated material responsibilities Who is exempt from requiring a user licence and supervision requirements for   2017

Radiation user licence - conditions

A radiation user licence may have one or more conditions attached to itThese conditions are determined by the work proposed under the licence, as well as the qualifications and experience the applicant must have to   2016

Environment protection licences

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issues environment protection licences to the owners or operators of various industrial premises under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act)Licence   2016

Environment protection licence fees

Types of licence fees All licences attract annual administrative fees and some licences will also require payment of annual load-based fees The administrative fee is calculated according to the nature, size   2016

Fact Sheet: Training requirements for pest management technician licence and fumigator licence

Skip links    Contact us    Help    A-Z index Quicklinks Search the POEO public register Dealing with neighbourhood noise Noise guide   2015

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