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Rutherford Air Quality Liaison Committee

The Rutherford Air Quality Liaison Committee has been established by the Minister for the Environment.

The Government made an election commitment to establish the committee with community and local business representation, alongside scientific and regulatory experts. Part of the role of the committee is to provide advice on the development of an odour source sampling and analysis campaign, designed to identify the most prominent sources of odour in Rutherford Industrial Estate.

Expressions of interest for membership of the committee were sought from the community and industry. The committee membership was chosen to represent a broad range of views to ensure a balanced approach and open and honest dialogue between members of industry, government and community that will influence positive environmental outcomes for the Rutherford area.

Terms of reference

The EPA has prepared terms of reference (PDF 60KB) to support and guide the Rutherford Air Quality Liaison Committee.

Committee members


Portrait of Stephen Francis

Stephen Francis
Stephen has over 30 years professional experience in areas including property development and management across both public and private sectors. He has tertiary qualifications in engineering, surveying and business and post graduate qualifications in management. Stephen currently works as a contracting valuer and part-time lecturer in statutory valuation.


Minister's community representative

Robert Geoghegan
Bob represents the Hon Robyn Parker MP, Minister for the Environment and member for Maitland.

Community representatives

Stephen Jordan
Stephen is an active community member, committed to improving air quality. Stephen is currently President and a founding member of the Maitland Anti Stink Committee (MASC).

Portrait of Ramona Cocco

Ramona Cocco
Ramona says 'I have lived in Rutherford for over 40 years and love the area'.



Industry representatives

Portrait of Neale Green

Neale Green
Neale is Factory Manager at Ultrafloor and represents the interests of the industrial sector in the Rutherford Industrial Area.



Portrait of Ray Carson

Ray Carson
Ray is Refinery Manager at Transpacific Refiners, located in the Rutherford Industrial Area. Ray is a chemical engineer with over 16 years experience in industrial management. Ray is also a Rutherford resident and interested in the health and well being of the community.


Developer representative

Portrait of Shane Boslem

Shane Boslem
Shane represents the interests of the development sector. Shane is Senior Development Manager for the McCloy Group.



Technical expert

Portrait of Howard Bridgman

Howard Bridgman
Howard is Conjoint Professor at the University of Newcastle, President of the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand and Editor of the journal Air Quality and Climate Change. Howard is Technical Expert on the Committee and has over 30 years experience in air quality management issues in the Hunter.


Council representative

Portrait of David Simm

David Simm
David is Manager of Development and Environment at Maitland City Council. David represents the interests of the community in areas relevant to local government.


Hunter Water

Victor Prasad
Victor is Manager of Treatment Operations, representing Hunter Water Corporation.

Hunter New England Health

Portrait of Philippe Porigneaux

Philippe Porigneaux
Philippe is Environmental Health Manager, representing Hunter New England Population Health.


Community feedback

If you have any comments or feedback on the Rutherford Air Quality Community Committee, complete the form below or send an email to:

Page last updated: 12 September 2016