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Waste codes & descriptions

Waste codes reflect either the contaminants (e.g. cadmium) or source (e.g. printing industry) of the waste. The Controlled Waste NEPM waste codes are used in NSW.

The waste descriptions are based on the Victorian waste codes (which in turn are based on the former ANZECC waste codes), but have been modified to accommodate industry needs in NSW. The list of waste descriptions will be reviewed once more data is collected from the online waste tracking system. 

Waste code Waste code name Waste description
A100 Waste from surface treatment of metals & plastics Waste from metals & plastics treatment
A110 Cyanide waste from heat treatment & tempering operations Cyanide waste from heat treatment & tempering
Cyanides (inorganic) Complexed cyanides (inorganic)
Inorganic isocyanates
Other cyanides (inorganic)
Acidic solutions or acids in solid form Sulfuric acid
Hydrochloric acid
Nitric acid
Phosphoric acid
Chromic acid, sodium dichromate
Hydrofluoric acid
Sulfuric/hydrochloric acid mixtures
Mixed acids (inorganic)
Organic acids
Pickle liquor
Acids nos
C100 Basic solutions or bases in solid form Alkaline cleaners, potash, caustic soda
Ammonium hydroxide
Waste lime & cement (no metallic constituents)
Caustic neutralised waste (metallic constituents)
Other alkaline waste (inorganic)
Other alkaline waste (organic)
D100 Metal carbonyls Metal carbonyls
D110 Inorganic fluorine compounds excluding calcium fluoride Inorganic fluorine compounds
Mercury; mercury compounds Fluorescent lamps
Equipment & articles containing mercury nos
Mercury & mercury compounds nos
D130 Arsenic; arsenic compounds Arsenic & arsenic compounds
D140 Chromium compounds (hexavalent and trivalent) Chromium compounds (hexavalent & trivalent)
D150 Cadmium; cadmium compounds Nicad batteries
Cadmium & cadmium compounds
D160 Beryllium; beryllium compounds Beryllium & beryllium compounds
D170 Antimony; antimony compounds Antimony & antimony compounds
D180 Thallium; thallium compounds Thallium & thallium compounds
D190 Copper compounds Copper compounds
D200 Cobalt compounds Cobalt & cobalt compounds
Nickel compounds Spent catalysts (nickel)
Nickel compounds nos
Lead; lead compounds Lead acid batteries
Gritblast waste
Lead & lead compounds nos
D230 Zinc compounds Zinc ash/dust, galvaniser's ash
Zinc compounds
D240 Selenium; selenium compounds Selenium & selenium compounds
D250 Tellurium; tellurium compounds Tellurium & tellurium compounds
D270 Vanadium compounds Vanadium compounds, n.o.s.
D290 Barium compounds (excluding barium sulphate) Barium & barium compounds
Non toxic salts Aluminium dross, aluminium smelter waste
Salt slag
Non-metallic product
Non-toxic salts nos
D310 Boron compounds Boron & boron compounds
D330 Inorganic sulfides Inorganic sulfur containing compounds
D340 Perchlorates Perchlorates
D350 Chlorates Chlorates
D360 Phosphorus compounds excluding mineral phosphates Phosphorus & phosphorus compounds (inorganic)
E100 Waste containing peroxides excluding hydrogen peroxide Oxidising agents
E120 Explosive waste not subject to other legislation Explosive waste not subject to other legislation
Waste ink, dye, pigment, paint, lacquer & varnish Paints, inks, etc (aqueous non-flammable vapours)
Paints, inks, etc (aqueous, flammmable vapours)
Paints, inks, etc (solvent combustible FP<60.5C)
Paints, inks, etc (solvent combustible FP>60.5C)
Paint residues nos
Waste resin, latex, plasticiser, glue & adhesive Adhesives, glues, etc (aqueous non-flammable vapours)
Adhesives, glues, etc (aqueous flammable vapours)
Adhesives, glues, etc (solvent combustible FP<60.5C)
Adhesives, glues, etc (solvent combustible FP>60.5C)
Uncured adhesives or resins nos
Cured adhesives or resins nos
Adhesives, glues, etc nos
G100 Ethers Ethers
Organic solvents excluding halogenated solvents Klenasol (non-chlorinated)
Non-halogen organic solvents (flammable FP<60.5C)
Non-halogen organic solvents (combustible FP>60.5C)
Non-halogenated organic solvents nos
Halogenated organic solvents Klenasol 75/25
Perchloroethylene (tetrachloroethylene) (liquid)
Dry cleaning sludge (containing perchloroethylene)
Halogen organic solvents (flammable FP < 60.5C)
Halogen organic solvents (combustible FP>60.5C)
Halogen organic solvents (non- combustible/non-flammable vapours)
Halogenated organic solvents nos
Waste from production formulation & use of organic solvents Waste from production & formulation of organic solvents
Solvent recovery residues
Organic solvents & solvent residues nos
H100 Waste biocides and phytopharmaceuticals Inorganic & organo-metallic pesticides
Nitrogen containing pesticides
Organochlorine pesticides
Sulfur containing pesticides
Biological pesticides
Mixed pesticide residue
Organic phosphorous compounds Organo phosphorus pesticides
Organic phosphorus compounds
Waste wood-preserving chemicals Copper-Chrome-Arsenic (CCA)
Organic wood preserving compounds
Other inorganic wood preserving compounds
J100 Waste mineral oils Mineral oils unfit for their original intended use
Oil filters
Transformer fluids (excluding PCB's)
Waste hydrocarbons
J120 Waste oil/hydrocarbons mixtures/emulsions in water Vehicle washwaters
Boiler blowdown sludge
Cooling tower washwaters
Textile effluent & residues nos
Industrial plant washwaters
Ethylene glycol-warter (antifreeze)
Oil/hydrocarbon (<50%) mixed with water
Oil/hydrocarbon (>50%) mixed with water
Other (cutting oils, soluble oils)
Oil/hydrocarbon mixed with water nos
J160 Waste tarry residues Tars & tarry residues
K100 Animal effluent & residues-abattoir, poultry, fish Abattoir effluent
Animal effluent & residues (poultry & seafood)
Animal oils & derivatives (e.g. tallow)
Food processing effluent nos
K110 Grease trap waste Grease interceptor trap waste - domestic
Grease interceptor trap waste - industrial
Liquid food waste Vegetable oils & derivatives
Vegetable & fruit processing effluent
Other liquid food waste
Sewage sludge & residues Bacterial sludge (septic tank)
Night soil
Sewerage sludge & residues
K140 Tannery waste incl. leather dust/ash/sludge/flour Tannery wastes containing chromium
Tannery wastes (no chromium)
K190 Wool scouring wastes Wool scouring waste
M100  Waste substances & articles cnt PCB, PCN, PCT, PBB Oil, solvents & materials contaminated with PCB
Equipment containing PCBs
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) nos
Equipment containing PCNs, PCTs and PBBs
PCNs, PCTs and PBBs
M150 Phenols, phenol compounds including chlorophenols Phenols & phenol compounds incl. chlorophenols
Organohalogen compounds not elsewhere listed Hexachlorobenzene (HCB)
Halogenated organic compounds nos
M170 Polychlorinated dibenzo-furan (any congener) Polychlorinated dibenzo-furans (any congenor)
M180 Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin (any congener) Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (any congenor)
M210 Cyanides (organic) Cyanides (organic)
M220 Isocyanate compounds Isocyanates (organic)
M230 Triethylamine catalysts for setting foundry sands Triethylamine catalyst for setting foundry sands
M250 Surfactants containing principally organic constituents Surfactants
Odorous organic chemicals incl. mercaptans & acrylates Odorous organic compounds including mercaptans, acrylate
Methacrylates (excluding solid inert polymeric material)
Organic sulfur compounds nos
Containers & drums containing controlled waste residues Drums containing waste which must be tracked
Other containers containing waste which must be tracked
Aerosol cans

Soils contaminated with a controlled waste

Contaminated soil
Contaminated demolition waste
N140 Fire debris and fire washwaters Fire washwaters
N150 Fly ash Fly ash
Encapsulated, chemically-fixed, solidified, polymer wastes Encapsulated waste
Chemically fixed waste
Solidified or polymerised waste
N190 Filter cake Filter cake
N205 Industrial waste treatment/disposal residues Scrubber sludge
Ion-exchange column residues
Ind waste treatment sludges and residues nos
Residues from pollution control operations nos
N220 Asbestos Asbestos
N230 Ceramic-based fibres similar to asbestos Ceramic fibres with asbestos-like properties
Clinical and related wastes Clinical and related wastes
Pathogenic substances
R120 Waste pharmaceuticals, drugs and medicines Pharmaceuticals and residues
R130 Cytotoxic Cytotoxic substances
R140 Waste from prod & prep of pharmaceutical products Waste from pharmaceuticals production
Waste arising from R&D or teaching activities Waste chemicals from R&D or teaching
Waste from domestic chemical collections
Photographic chemicals & processing waste Photographic waste containing silver
Photographic waste (no silver)
Photographic waste nos
T140 Tyres Used tyres
R150 Quarantine waste Quarantine waste
T200 Dangerous goods nos Explosive compounds nos
Highly reactive chemicals n.o.s.
Z100 Organic compounds nos Aliphatic nitrogen compounds (including amines)
Aromatic nitrogen compounds (including amines)
Heterocyclic organic compounds
Non-halogenated organic compounds nos
Inorganic compounds nos Silver & silver compounds
Alkali metals & their compounds
Titanium & titanium compounds
Lithium & lithium compounds
Other inorganic compounds & complexes
Industrial waste nos Reducing agents 
Spent catalysts nos 
Smelter waste nos
Z130 Inert sludges or slurries Inert sludges or slurries
Z140 Non-controlled liquids Non-controlled liquids
Z990 Not characterised Not characterised
X900 Reserved Reserved
Page last updated: 13 June 2013