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Create agent's premises list

  • For agent consignors only
  • Agents can add and remove producers to and from your agent's premises list. 
  • Agents select from this premises list to compile a premises list when creating a transport certificate (TC).
  • Only the agent and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) can view the premises list associated with any TC.
  • Where the agent is the transporter, it is not required to give the premises list to the receiving facility.

Create custom transporter list

  • For agent and producer consignors and receiving facilities
  • Online waste tracking displays all transporters in the system.
  • Add and remove transporters to and from your custom transporters list. Save time by choosing from this shorter custom list when you create and edit a transport certificate (TC).

Find a transporter

The online waste tracking system lists transporters under the name on their licence. Sometimes transporters may trade under a different a different name. You can use the 'Find a transporter' function to search by any combination of the criteria displayed. In particular, if you know either the licence number or the ABN of the transporter, search on this criterion to find the name by which the transporter is known in the system. You can then use this name to add the transporter to a TC or as a default transporter on a CA.

Page last updated: 13 June 2013