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Help - discrepancies & exceptions

A discrepancy occurs if the information on a transport certificate (TC) does not accurately reflect the actual waste movement. An exception occurs when things go wrong during transport.

The online waste tracking system generates an exception report in two ways:

1. When a receiving facility records a records a TC discrepancy because of

  • Incorrect waste details: the waste details on the transport certificate (TC) differ from the actual waste details
  • Change of consignor: the consignor details on the TC differ from the actual consignor details
  • Change of transporter: the transporter details on the TC differ from the actual transporter details

If a facility records a TC discrepancy in the online system it does not need to report it separately to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

See also View the TC discrepancy record.

2. Automatically when:

  • Different waste amount: the waste load amount recorded on arrival at a receiving facility differs by 20% or more from the amount recorded at pick-up
  • Missing paper TC: the waste load arrives at the receiving facility with no accompanying paper TC (exception report created when 'No paper TC' box is checked during recording arrival of the waste).
  • TC without consignment authorisation (i.e. TC w/o CA): a transport certificate is created without a consignment authorisation (exception report created when a TC w/o CA is created)
  • Waste rejected: a waste load is rejected (exception report created when rejection is recorded)

  • Draft consignor: a draft consignor is created. (This exception is not an indication of any wrongdoing; it  is simply an alert to the EPA to review the details to create a permanent record of the consignor in the online system.)

Also, in the online waste tracking system, if waste does not arrive within the proposed delivery period after being recorded at pick-up, the system alerts the EPA. If pick-up was not recorded in the online system, the consignor, transporter or receiving facility should contact the EPA if the waste has not arrived within three days of the proposed delivery period.

Users can monitor exception reports using the Exception monitoring function.

Page last updated: 13 June 2013