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Type of reaction felt by humans in response to vibration. The degree of annoyance felt by an individual may be assessed by using social survey techniques Best management practices (BMP) The adoption of particular operational procedures that minimise vibration impacts effects while retaining productive efficiency Best available technology economically achievable (BATEA) Equipment, plant and machinery that incorporates the most advanced and affordable technology to minimise vibration output Comfort Subjective state of wellbeing in relation to an induced environment such as mechanical vibration (or shock). Comfort connotes the absence of disturbing or intrusive factors. Crest factor The ratio between the peak level and the rms value of a signal. DEC Department of Environment and Conservation eVDV Estimated vibration dose value Feasible and reasonable measures Feasibility relates to engineering considerations and what is practical to build; reasonableness relates to the application of judgement in arriving at a decision, taking into account the following factors:
  • vibration mitigation benefits (amount of vibration reduction provided, number of people protected)
  • cost of mitigation (cost of mitigation versus benefit provided)
  • community views (aesthetic impacts and community wishes)
  • vibration values for affected people (existing and future vibration values, and changes in vibration values)
Resonance Resonance of a system in forced oscillation exists when any change in the frequency of excitation causes a decrease in a response of the system rms Root mean square VDV Vibration dose value Vibration isolator A support whose function is to attenuate the transmission of vibration in a frequency range x-axis vibration (pertaining to whole-body vibration) Mechanical vibration acting along the postero-anterior (backto- front) axis of the human body. y-axis vibration (pertaining to whole-body vibration) Mechanical vibration acting laterally (sideways) upon the body. z-axis vibration (pertaining to whole-body vibration) Mechanical vibration acting along the caudocephalic (foot-tohead) axis of the human body.
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