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Construction noise

Interim Construction Noise Guideline

The Interim Construction Noise Guideline deals with the assessment of noise from construction activities and advises on best practice approaches to minimise noise impacts. It is specifically aimed at managing noise from construction works regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and will be used to assist in setting statutory conditions in licences or other regulatory instruments.

Some councils have their own policies to manage construction noise. Others that do not have the resources to develop policy often seek guidance from the EPA. The guideline will assist these councils in their decision-making on construction approvals.

The guideline will be reviewed after three years to ensure that it continues to meet industry, government and community needs.

Download the Interim Construction Noise Guideline (09265cng.pdf; 1.2MB) or order a copy by contacting Environment Line on 131 555 or by email.

An information sheet (09406cnginfo.pdf; 57KB) which explains the key features of the guideline can be downloaded or obtained by contacting Environment Line.

Review of alternatives to 'beeper alarms' for construction equipment

The EPA has funded research into alternatives to reversing 'beeper alarms' for use on construction equipment as this issue was raised by a number of stakeholders who provided comment on the draft Construction Noise Guideline. A review of the alternatives was completed by Marion Burgess and Matthew McCarty from the Acoustics and Vibration Unit, University of NSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. The information, opinions and recommendations expressed in this publication are not those of the EPA and do not represent the agency's policy.


Review of alternatives to 'beeper' alarms for construction equipment (beeperalarm. pdf, 1.3 MB)

Sound files

The guideline discusses audible movement alarms on mobile construction equipment. An alternative to the commonly heard 'beeper' alarm is a 'broadband' alarm.

Hear and compare the broadband alarm sound and beeper alarm sound.

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Page last updated: 19 May 2016