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NSW Charitable Recyclers: sticker signage to stop illegal dumping

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has developed collateral in the form of sticker signage for registered NSW Charitable Recyclers to install outside shopfronts and on recycling donation bins to discourage donators from leaving goods on the footpath or outside the bin. The EPA have developed seven stickers displaying different illegal dumping prevention messages.

The campaign's messages are aimed at the 'well-intentioned dumper', being customers who dump material around charity donation bins and shopfronts and are unaware of the adverse impact on charities.

RIDCR bin sticker
1. If it's in the bin, it's good to go
RIDCR bin sticker
5. Too big to fit?
RIDCR bin sticker
2. Fits in the bin? Great stuff
RIDCR bin sticker
6. If we are closed, please come back
RIDCR bin sticker
3. It's illegal to leave stuff on the street
RIDCR bin sticker
7. It's full? Please come back later
RIDCR bin sticker
4. It costs us to clear the stuff left outside

How to order sticker signage

Registered NSW Charitable Recyclers can order available sticker signage from the EPA.

There are seven different stickers available (displayed above) in two sizes:

  • donation bin sticker signage (size: 400mm x 100mm) 
  • shop front sticker signage (size: 800mm x 200mm) which is available in both outside application (adhesive on back of sticker) and reversed inside application (adhesive on front of sticker).

Stickers are printed on fluoro colour vinyl and are outdoor-weather proof. The sticker artwork is finalised as above and is not available in different colours or sizes. It is recommended no more than three messages be displayed at the one time.

All stickers are currently in stock and are available for delivery. Sticker signage and the delivery are free for registered NSW Charitable Recyclers. You may order stickers as an organisation as a whole or at store level.

To order stickers for your charity, please email your requests to

Please include the following detail in your email request for stickers:

  1. type of sticker requested (e.g. green fluoro sticker, 'If it’s in the bin, it’s good to go')
  2. the size of sticker (e.g. donation bin stickers 400mm x 100mm)
  3. the quantity requested (e.g. 100 stickers to be delivered to one location).

Presently there are no restrictions on sticker quantities. You may choose to order different types of messaging for stickers to enable you to tailor the available signage to your illegal dumping problem.  


Page last updated: 18 August 2016